Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snowed In

Or, how Mama's move was delayed by Mother Nature. Somehow I was awesomely able to time my move exactly with the biggest snow storm of the year. I ROCK!

Even with the threat of like, the hugest blizzard in the last ten years hanging over us, the movers came and they did their thing.  But the snow started falling just as they finished, and by the time I got back to the old place, the roads were getting bad. Needless to say, moving the cats, getting food/supplies, and a few other things were put on hold. I spent the next day snowed in until the city got around to plowing our street, and the NEXT day locked out of my new place due to a key fiasco.

Did I mention I ROCK? You may not want me to plan your next move, however.

Then I had to work this weekend, and with the Superbowl coming (and having to reschedule the cable installation at the new place), Mama and the kitties have been living at the old place, while all of our 'stuff' is living at the new place. But not for much longer - we'll be moving the last few things will be moving in two days, along with the cats.

I'll be a few days before I'll have the net again, and then I'll be back at it. I feel all kinds of weird with all of my things gone, my movies packed away, and living out of a suitcase in the home I've been in for over eight years.

But, since I was snowed in, I managed to watch a couple things - including The Last Exorcism.

and I learned that super flexible people and blank stares are a recipe for FREAKING ME OUT. I really liked Last Exorcism for the most part - we've seen the fake documentary and we've seen people possessed by 'The DEBIL' , but I thought it was well-acted and real in a way that was really disturbing to me. Especially creepy for me was the choice to make the 'DEBIL' voice all normal like. 
  I was warned the ending of this was disappointing - but this movie actually has two endings - the one that fakes you out and then the 'real' explanation. When the fake out came, I thought it was lame at first and I understood the complaints. Then, when the real ending came, I actually found the 'fake' ending creepy - with the realization that 'The DEBIL' was behind it and had fooled everyone.
    I didn't hate the actual ending of the movie - but to me, it felt like it belonged in an entirely different kind of movie. God knows Mama loves some good old fashioned Satan worship ( complete with an altar) in her movies, but it seemed that it belonged in a cheesier film. I thought the movie was so creepy because the documentary style filming gave the move a realistic vibe - and the ending -to me- just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the movie. I didn't have a problem with the ending itself - I'd just like it more in a totally different movie.
  So then my brother asked me how I WOULD end it - and I have no idea. But hey, Mama's a busy woman and I don't make movies, I just talk about them.  It's someone else's job to entertain me, dammit.

And speaking of entertaining, I also dug Dead Set - a five part mini series from the UK that IFC played last October. Yes, it's been sitting on my DVR that long. I didn't like it as much as The Walking Dead, which I thought had more compelling characters and storylines.  And Dead Set's zombies are some fast buggers, which means we get few really good looks at them and there's the kind of fast editing and jerky camera movements that make Mama's head feel all googly.

Dead Set focuses on people on a reality Big Brother type show - and what happens to them when the rest of the country goes to hell following a zombie outbreak. What I thought was great about Dead Set was exploring what it would be like if these people you'd been living with turned into zombies before your eyes - how unbelievable that would be - and believe me, in this story, it happens FAST.

Well, that's all the thoughts I have in my tired lil head. I watched the Packers win (!) and I'm SO ready to move completely into my new place and make it start feeling like home. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments - you guys are all kinds of AWESOME and I look forward to catching up with everyone soon. And watching some crazy bad movie fill of cheese.  It's great to watch good stuff but I start to crave the bad. It's true.

Until next time,
 Mother Firefly