Friday, August 22, 2008

Gilbert and George Day

Today Papa Cash and I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum to see the Gilbert and George exhibit.

I've probably seen a half dozen exhibits at MAM, and this was probably my favorite. Everything was huge, colorful, and I didn't have to shuffle around people to get a look. You could stand in the middle of the room and see everything from there. If you live
in Milwaukee and you like your art to be in bold primary colors and bigger than your living room wall, I encourage you to see the show before it leaves Sept 1st. I'll guarantee it'll be better for your psyche than to go see the new $80,000 statue of a TV character that's just been forced upon us.

I also had a couple of other firsts today. I bought my first pair of Crocs and my first Neti pot. I have wanted a pair of Crocs for a long time, but stupid nursing school tradition dictates we wear white tennis shoes, which is annoying as hell. God forbid I be co

Anyway, I went to Whole foods today for the purpose of getting my Neti pot, and ran smack into a display of Crocs. I could not resist. Lately I have been reading a lot of backlash about Crocs -mainly that they are ugly and unfashionable. did this deter me? No, it made me want to buy them even MORE. Then I came home and put
them on.

OHFORTHELOVEOFJEBUS DAMNARETHEYCOMFORTABLE. You whom are already proud owners of Crocs are smiling, nodding, and thinking, hells yeah, we just pulled another one over to the dark side. My feet immediately started thanking me profusely, and I said, you're welcome feet, thanks for almost 40 years of hard work, you deserve it. Then I started to think of all the pain and foot cramping that could have been avoided this summer if I'd had these wonderful inventions supporting me through 24 hours a week of clinicals this summer. But-instead i will focus on the fact that I only have
8 WEEKS OF UNDERGRADUATE clinicals left before I move on next year to leave my stupid white uniform and shoes behind.

Back to my Neti pot......

This is the Neti-well, not my actual Neti, but very close.

If you don't already know what a Neti pot is, you can read about it here.

If you do, skip that. I have bought one and am going to give it a try because....I HAVE NOT BREATHED CORRECTLY OR EASILY THROUGH MY DAMN NOSE ALL FREAKING SUMMER. it's either been because of allergies, or a couple of fun colds I managed to catch at clinicals. I am tired of taking allergy and cold medicine because 1) I don't like taking so many pills all the time, and 2)they're not really helping all that much anyway.

Unless people are lying, these fun contraptions are supposed to actually work. I have read you can do this up to three times a day-and I am planning on that-hoping that it will improve the situation. When and if it does, then I will probably go back to once or twice a day-depending on if it's a clinical day for me, or if it's cold and flu season. If it doesn't work- well, then I will maybe grow a plant in it. Or something. At any rate, I haven't read anything that says it can hurt me. I know that I need to use non-iodized salt, and I did buy the neti-salt to use with it. My pot didn't come with any in the box. I know some do. Oh btw it was 14.99 - a small price to pay if this works like I've heard it does. I will keep you posted and let you know how I'm breathing. Today, with no medication, I would rate my breathing at a 5 out of 10. (With 0 meaning-thank god i have a mouth or I wouldn't be getting any oxygen to 10 meaning-no obstruction at all (I barely remember those days).

Well, time to go Neti-
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

If the neti doesnt work out as a breather enhancer, you should use it as a to go cup. I think it would sit nicely in car and it looks ultra convenient to drink from.

As for the crocs I noticed everyone in the dentist office uses them. They must be ultra comfortable because my dentist was a lot nicer to him, or he got extra stoned before seeing me. Yes my dentist is a stoner and he looks like a smaller version of Chris Eliot

Mother Firefly said...

Hey, as long as he is very generous with the sharing of those drugs while he is doing dental work.....I am very much for being passed out and unconscious while they work on stuff in there....
Great idea for the NP if it doesn't work out! All it needs is a couple magnets to hold it in place and you're good to go.

Mandy said...

Girl - It is about time you jumped on the Croc wagon! I say HELLS YES for ugly shoes.
When my feet see regular ol shoes now, they say "Do not want". Spoiled brats.

Great blog!

Mandy Ann said...

So, I went to the Neti-pot-well thing website, and was rather shocked to see a picture of that girl with that thing in her nose.
I am actually still laughing about it. Loudly. Out Loud. I guess I would be LOLing. Fer reals.

I would enjoy seeing you use this Neti. Really.

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks! I am having a lot of fun doing this, looking for goofy pictures and letting whatever is going on in my rattled brain spew out.
Plus, it distracts me from homework!
You know what, my friend, I believe you would enjoy watching me neti. But you would laugh and I would laugh and then the warm salty water would spray everywhere and then I would probably snort it back up into my brain from laughing too hard and then heavens knows what would happen.

I am going to the CROC OUTLET STORE IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!
I shall NOT come back empty handed.

Mandy Ann said...

Please do let me know how much of a deal Crocs are at said Outlet Store.

We have a new girl here at HMC. You would hate her.

The end.

Mother Firefly said...

Oh I will bring you back ALL the gory details of the Crocs outlet store.

new girl, huh. If you hate her, I hate her. good enough reason for me.

let the hating begin!