Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to the 80's....Part 2

Well, the end of the semester is coming soon....and with that comes the craziness.
Since I won't have time to watch many movies in the next 3-4 weeks, I thought I needed to take time to recharge my batteries with some badness.....and what better than some badness from the 80's?

Sorority Babes in the Slime Bowl O'Rama!!!

(it also helps that it clocks in a crunched-for-time-friendly-80- minutes)

So we have a sorority.....and we have the babes. We have the Babes In the Sorority and of course, the Babes that Want to Be. Oh yeah and we have the trio of nerdy guys who want to watch this all go down. The nerds break into the house and of course they get caught. Soo-priize, soo-priize.

The big mean baddie in charge decides she won't call the police on the nerds IF they acompany the Babes on their last and final part of the initiation. Which is to....
Break into the bowling alley and steal a trophy.
Why, sure it is!

But the HBIC has other plans....they're going to beat them there, break in, and ...well, I guess I'm really not sure what they plan on doing....

Then Linnea Quigley shows up- turns out she's broken into the bowling alley too.... but she's only robbing the joint.

The trophies are especially important, they're more locked up than the cash register Linnea (whose name turns out to be Spider! yippee for the 80s) just busted into.....but she's nice enough to help them with that. Good thing they ran into a master thief up in this motha!

they drop the trophy and it springs a leak?Favorite Lines:
Spider: Holy Shit.
Nerd #1: UnHoly Shit.

It's a lil demon. And he sounds like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

Spider is less than impressed but the demon says his name is Impy and he will give them all a wish. Suddenly they're all claiming they broke it open and set him free. But Impy says no worries, they all get a wish!

Chubby goes first, and he wishes for gold- and gets it. Hmm. Seems easy enough.

The HBIC and her minions see this go down on camera and they say, No Fair! HBICs need wishes too!

Initiate #2 wishes to be Queen of the Prom. Really? That's the best you got?

Impy figures out that the HBIC and her minios are spying on them so he....turns two of them into monsters?

Wait, maybe this isn't all it's cracked up to be? Suddenly the gold is wood and the prom queens' dress in in tatters...and then the monster girls attack!
Leaving Spider to clean up the mess once again..

a good look at the killer makeup effects.....all four dollars and ninety-nine cents of them. I think someone rescued this from a trash can outside the set of Ghoulies.

Yep. she looks like the Bride of Frankenstein. For absolutely no good reason.

Oh yeah, and Impy just kind of sits there while the 'monsters' he created run around and do his dirty work. Although he does yell out things like 'GUTTER BALL!' and 'CRISPY CRITTERS!" when the monsters roll one of the dude's heads down the lane or cook someone in a fry vat.

Eventually everyone is either turned into a monster or dead, except for Spider and one of the Nerds. They end up finding the janitor who was locked in a closet for the first half of the movie (it's not worth explaining how that happened, trust me) and has apparently been sleeping through the second half. They explain their story to the janitor who just happens to know EXACTLY what they're talking about...
So apparently 30 years ago some guy used black magic to call up this Imp to be able to bowl better (!?!) and then lost control of it....but apparently they were able to trap him in the trophy, which took away his powers. Then they put him on the shelf.


The janitor suggests a head lock, kicking him in the butt, and shoving him in the trophy.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd........a few monster fights and one car crash later, that's exactly what they do

and all ends well....

And....there we have it, a cheap chunk of 80s goodness all wrapped up. There's more to the story, most of which involves nudity that I'm not going to be posting here. And also, if you ever wondered just how long it takes to wash whipped cream off your boobs, you can watch this movie and see that it takes MUCH longer than you might have ever dreamed. Which I'm sure will turn out to be a good thing for some who want to see that.

I'm going to be pretty busy tying up all these loose ends in the next few weeks- so I don't expect I'll be doing any full movie reviews until the semester is over. I know, you're so sad, right? but I will do my Ghosthunters recaps and post smaller things as I can...
-Mother F

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