Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Zombies Are Coming and They Are PISSED

Or, the post where I divulge that there is actually an aspect of zombie infiltration that even I have never considered.

More on that in a second.

Last week, I had the chance to FINALLY check out Dead Snow. Even though it just came out on DVD and Blu-Ray, it seems that everyone in the blogosphere has seen it already. I did have the chance to check it out at Zombie Con last October, but it'd been a long day and I probably needed to get home and take my Geritol or something.

Which is too bad, because watching this with a group of like minded lovers of horror would have been fun. Liberal amounts of alcohol wouldn't have hurt either.

The first thing that struck me about Dead Snow was what I referred to earlier: Never in all my years of considering what might happen if I was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse have I ever once thought about this: How do you run from a zombie in knee-deep snow?


I found some genuinely scary moments in Dead Snow, and the image of a woman trying to run from zombies in deep snow was among the best. Not only did Dead Snow manage to give me some real thrills, it also takes zombies in a new direction that I don't believe I've seen before: these zombies will take a brotha DOWN with a punch. Maybe the zombies ate these people at some point, but the movie doesn't focus on that. No, the zombies are hunting them because they can, because they're dead and they're bad and they're all really kind of angry and merciless about it.

And I'm not lying about the punching part.

Dead Snow seems at first to be filled with the standard sort of cliched characters, but as the movie unfolds, reveals itself instead to have characters who have more resources and wits about them and respond to the situation in interesting and unique ways.

Also, we finally have someone who actually knows a thing or two about zombies for once - which always bothers me about zombie movies set in modern times - how is it that NOBODY in the movie has ever seen a zombie film and doesn't know the basics like shooting them in the head, getting bit is bad news, etc. But why does the guy who loves horror movies have to be the weird, nerdy, chubby one? Just sayin'.

First time I've been genuinely on the edge of my seat since Paranormal Activity last fall. Mama like.

-Mother Firefly


Billy Ray said...

Finally got the chance to see it, ourselves. Would've seen it at ZombieCon, too, but we were doing a puppet show...

Mother Firefly said...

AHA! So that's what I was doing while the movie was on that night! Well, in that case, great movie or not, it was TOTALLY worth putting off in favor of the NOLD puppet show! See, I told you I needed to take my they even make that stuff anymore? Jesus, I'm probably dating myself just by referencing it.....anyway..... CONGRATS on the St Louis show! They're gonna LOVE it.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Something about weird, nerdy and chubby going together. I just watched this a couple of days ago and loved it. For me it was the insane amounts of blood, this movie was done how I like them. People arent going to clean up after an attack, they are going to stay covered in their blood, just like a good zombie slayer should. The movie was funny it an outrages way, not subtle humor like shawn of the dead or zombieland. I about pissed myself when the two guys ran off after they girls left, instead of creating a distraction. And what better to end a movie than a all out show down with nazi zombies. Now if only someone would release "Worst Case Scenario"

Mother Firefly said...

Glad to hear you liked it...I read some really bad reviews after I reviewed it, I was starting to think I was just easily amused or something. almost everyone dies, like a typical zombie movie, but I thought they did some fun and unique things with it. And I thought there were some genuinely scary moments.

I agree, slay zombies, clean up should be the last thing on your mind.

I was just thinking about WCS the other day, but I couldn't remember the name of it. Just those jacked up ads. I think I'll let you be the brave one and get to that one first.

I'm looking forward to Pontypool... have you watched the ads for that?

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Yes I did, its on my list. I just watched Carriers the other night, that was pretty good. I wouldnt call it a horror film but more a of drama, pretty good for a low budget film. I suggest not watching previews for it, they don't do it the right justice and it can be misleading.