Sunday, July 18, 2010

Party Like It's 1968

I made it!!

I managed to make it to the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show DVD Release Party on Friday night. I work ALOT at home after work; and after THREE HOURS of work at my kitchen table, missing the 8 pm showing time, I was more than a little resentful by the time I finally got to get out of the house and have some fun:

Don't chart angry, people.

But I did finally make it out of my house to dinner (BTW, my Milwaukee friends - do yourself a favor and visit Rio West on Friday or Saturday night - you won't be disappointed) and a margarita and a half (I helped Papa Cash finish his second), we went to Landmark Lanes to see if my favorite people that put on a zombie puppet show based on NOLD were still there.

They were. Not only did I pick up a copy of the DVD, I got a t-shirt, a button, and the best part - I got to hang with some of the most talented, nicest people in this town. Not only are they my FAVORITE people that put on a zombie puppet show based on NOLD, they're also the nicest.

AND - they played the DVD again around 10, so I had a chance to see it there with a bunch of great people and an alcoholic beverage. (Thanks for the beer, Josh!)

The DVD is wonderful - it's a fun way to revisit the show if you've seen it live, and it's a great substitute if you're not fortunate enough to have been able to see it in person (yet), but to really appreciate the creativity and genius that goes into the show, you really need to see it live. So keep an eye on their website (and here with Mama Firefly) for news on future shows.

But in the meantime, go to the website. Support zombies AND puppets (seriously, who doesn't love both?) and order yourself a copy. Mama says DO IT.

The DVD is 15.00, plus S/H, and the quality is positively out of sight.

Email for details.


Billy Ray said...

Thanks for coming! We're glad you & Father Firefly had such a good time!

It's always fun to meet our friends from the Internet in Real Life!

Announcements of our Fall Spectacular are coming soon!

Billy Ray said...

(Actually the price you're giving is for the older edit, the "Con special" we did for Con-tamination.

The current version is a much sharper edit, and going for $15, plus S/h...)

Mother Firefly said...

Whoops! Sorry about that, my friend! I will fix that ASAP.

The DVD really did look all kinds of AWESOME on my telly.

Yippee for the Fall Spectacular!

Timothy said...

My thanks to the both of you for being able to make the event and that you support what we are doing! Timothy

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks, Timothy! We had a great time - can't wait till the next event!