Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Here, It's Here!!!!!!!

October is on its way......and sometime tomorrow I'll be starting my 31 Days of Halloween posts, along with all these wonderful blogs listed here:

Countdown to Halloween

Even if I didn't have a calendar or was completely unaware of the weather outside, I'd still know October was near because I wake up to this on one side of me:

and this:
on the other.

One day they're stretched out on the stone tables and sleeping under the ceiling fans, and then suddenly they're sacked out next to me stealing the warm and pretending they've been there all year long.

Fall is officially here.

See you tomorrow.......
Mother F.


harleygirl13 said...

You got that right!!! The weather change has been unbelieable!!! I'm like the cats all culled up in bed trying to keep warm!!

Mother Firefly said...

If the cats are to be believed (and I do) the weather has no intention of warming up. This morning they both came (at separate times) and Boo meowed at me to let me know the pillow was in his way.