Friday, February 26, 2010

Bava II: Blood and Black Lace (1964)

Watching Black Sunday a few weeks ago made me want to dig into my Bava Boxes, but first I thought I'd check out this one - it's not in Box I or II, which is why I bought it separately.

Besides, check out that cover - it just screams fun, right?

Uh -huh.

Unfortunately, this is yet another instance where cover art beats hell out of the film itself - although the movie does get better the further you get into it, and by the end, it's even kinda interesting!!!! Neat!!

Not too much happens in the first twenty minutes or so. A pretty woman dies and her body is found:
Apparently, this woman left a diary. I did attempt to watch the movie in Italian with subtitles until we got to the part where another woman reads a page out loud and the movie doesn't bother to translate the DANG thing.
I mean, what the hells? So I had to go back and temporarily switch the film back to English so I could hear what this apparently important piece of info was.

The woman who stole the diary burns not only the page, but the whole diary, and then this dude comes looking for it.

Oh yeah, and then another chick gets killed with her shirt off:

So the cops decide to bring EVERY GUY IN THE DANG MOVIE to see if they can't just figure out who's up to these killing hijinks!!

But even with all the men in custody, the bodies still manage to pile up:

It's a girl, BABY! Or is it????

Turns out that this guy is the killer - but his woman loves him so much that she agreed to do a murder while he was locked up, so he'd have an air tight alibi!

Apparently it all started with the model's diary, which contained the details of her blackmail against these two - who originally killed her husband so they could get his money.Those crazy kids!!

Look, they're just a couple of lovebirds:

He convinces her that there's one last murder that has to be done. Dang, whatever you do, don't hang out in this movie in yer bra!

Then he arranges for her to have a little accident on her way from the scene, but it doesn't pan out exactly how he planned. Still, a bitch has to give him props:

Then she decides to shoot the BF and call the police - thereby framing him for all the murders - but before she can finish her phone call, she collapses.
Well, dang.

Not too much else to say about Blood and Black Lace - no lie, I really did enjoy it more the longer I watched it. I don't know whether it was my attention span that night (which can be maddenly short sometimes) or if I was just tired. I fell asleep about 30 minutes in and then had to go back and start over. Mama workin' hard these days, friends!

Still, it ended well (even if the whole blackmail - killed the ex husband - deal wasn't exactly original) and I'm looking forward to getting more into the Bava boxes.

And hey, this week I went from ZERO movies to two, count 'em two (!) films. Maybe Mama is getting the hang of this work thing after all.

Or else I'm just slacking. Hee!

-Mother Firefly

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