Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still Here......

I just haven't watched any movies in the last week. Between the True Blood marathon, the premiere of Lost, American Idol, Big Love, the Superbowl, and being surgically attached to my work laptop, there have been zero movies on the big screen here at the Firefly Ranch.

However, I do have a few thoughts about zombies and their associated movies and I will be sharing those. SOON. Yes, that's a promise and a threat.

Did I mention the True Blood Season 2 marathon? I have one word.
Bill? Bill who? (Just KIDDING, mom.)
But ERIC. Damn. Damndamndamndamn.

In other news, I also have a new addition to the Firefly collection of Evil Dolls: (coming soon to a home shopping channel near you)

And he is every bit as creepy delicious as he looks.
Mandy, I expect you to come over and cuddle with him STAT.

A HUGE thanks to my Mom who tracked him down and waited patiently through a couple of backorders in order to get him to me. If you ever wonder why I'm warped, blame her. Then give her a big hug and say thanks.

I also have to give myself a shout out (is that possible?) as I just found out that I was in the 98th percentile in a local online football game for the season. The game involves picking the winners from week to week. High score for the season was 197 points. Mama F's score for the season was 192. I didn't win nothin' but the rights to say this:
Holla, Bitches!!!!!

So I will be back soon, dearhearts, with my thoughts on a couple of zombie movies (and associated nightmares) and some more depraved goodness on the way.

Mother Firefly

This one's for you, Mom:


harleygirl13 said...

Well thank you for giving Bill a little knowledge. I still think he is hot!!! But I got to tell you though I have read the Sookie Stackhouse books and I may be be drifting Eric's way if Bill doesn't do something really eye catching in the next season. I may have to move over to your side. I will send you the books to read(in all your spare time).I have learned some things from the books. Sookie is a little slut.!!!Also Eric is describe in many ways and many times as the big Blond Viking! And he is much more sexy in the books if you can believe that!The books are good. They start out like the show and but go in a different direction. A must read for sure. Congrats on your football ability. I never knew you were into football! You are full of surprises.
As far as your new addition to the family. He was worth the wait for sure. I'm sure Mandy will love him too.
Keep up the great blogs. I really enjoy them. And I might even say a "hell ya" for helping you become so warped! We certainly did some crazy things as you were growing up. It's funny I never thought twice about watching scary movies with you at 2. Wasn't that what all Mom's did???? And wasn't our duty to scare the s--t out of all the little kids in the neighborhood with our decor and scary creatures on Halloween?? Hell yes!! Let them learn early on what the real world is like! There are brain eating Zombies and Witches and Vampires!!!Not to mention Werewolves!! So my lovely daughter just keep up the great work reminding us of all the GREAT movies there are. So when you have the time,pull the drapes, turn off the light and cuddle up to the telle and watch a movie for me! Then tell me all about it!!!! So with lots of love and admiration I salute you for your wonderful ability to take me and others away from the daily grind to read your great Blog.

Mandy Ann said...

I do love him, I do, I do!
Do want.

I have been stalking you, waiting for something - anything out of you!!
Actin like you a workin girl or somethin, and aint gots no time to type no more. Dang.

Congrats on the football thingy. I knew you were more than just a pretty face, and a giant brain.

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks for the nice comments and bugging me to get back to what's really important in life.

I'm not even going to get into the reasons why life has been so busy lately - instead I'm going to focus on going ahead from here and hoping to carve out more time to do this.

I don't just WANT to watch horror movies and write about them, I NEED to. I'll admit, they are my drug. Getting to write about them is the icing on the cake. I never thought I'd get even ONE person to read my thoughts on horror movies.

So here's to putting work in its place and setting aside time for me to keep my sanity.... let the blogging begin!