Friday, May 14, 2010

Horror Blogger Alliance


As of this week, I am a proud member of the Horror Blogger Alliance:

As are many great blogs that I read (or try to read, anyway!) When I heard about this, I thought it was a fantastic idea.

Click on the picture, check out the great blogs, make a martini, and enjoy.

Also I want to say thanks to everyone who signed up to follow my blog in the last month. I usually make it a habit to add people to my blog list who do that, and I haven't been keeping up with that. I appreciate everyone who's signed up - I know I haven't been posting much lately. Which makes me all kinds of sad - and I have all kinds of great excuses - but pffft, who cares, let's get to The Scary!

But before we do.......I do have one big THANK YOU I need to send out to a dear friend of mine who just made my house 10% scarier (at least)

My friend Mandy got me a gift certificate for graduation and I knew what I wanted to spend it on. But then I kept procrastinating and second guessing myself. FINALLY I decided to just do it - and it was out of stock. Adding insult to injury was the fact that said item was on eBay for about three times the money. I held on to the GC, kept the item on my wish list, and one day.......(cue the ta-da sound effects)...
He showed back up - at the same price he was before.

Now he lives with me.
And quite frankly, I'm scared of him.
Which makes my lil black heart all kinds of happy.
Thanks, Miss Mandy!


Mandy Ann said...

Loves it!
This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I was hoping you would purchase when I gave you that gift certificate!!

I want to hold him like a baby.

Mother Firefly said...

Hee! He is truly the embodiment of my childhood nightmares. THANK YOU!

You can hold him all you want, just don't let that damn chain around his waist fall off or we're gonna be spending our evening runnin' round the house and duckin' his lil spears and shit... and trying not to spill our drinks at the same time...hahaha

Mandy Ann said...

I will hold him if there is CAKE.
Mama loves her some CAKE!

Mother Firefly said...

When there are evil dolls and martinis in my house, Let there always be CAKE!!!!

(I'm just not going to let you put any in your CAR!!)