Friday, May 14, 2010

Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show on DVD!!!

There are many things I love about living in Milwaukee, but one of the things I love the most is that I live in a city where something as fantastic as the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show began. (Screw you, stupid Fonzie statue!) And believe me, one day I expect to read those words in Entertainment Weekly. Not 'Screw you, stupid Fonzie statue' (although that would be freakin' KILLER) but the part about the NOTLD Puppet Show having its origins in Milwaukee.

Seriously, people, it's that good - and it's that FUNNY. But while you're waiting for NOTLD : The Puppet Show to invade the rest of the country - and I predict they'll do just that - you can support the movement by purchasing the DVD from their website. (Plus you'll laugh your ass off, so what do you have to lose, people??)

Click on the link and follow the directions HERE:

And the main page here: Angry Young Men, Ltd

My original review from Zombie Con X HERE.

Quote from the website also follows the clip:

"Night of the Living Dead: The Puppet Show, Better Than Live(?) features a High-Def studio filming of the half-hour show. Plus, special features include a blooper reel, a new short short, a commentary version of the 2007 live show, and a 51-min Essential re-edit of the original 1968 classic. Order fast before they are gone! Just $10 plus $4 shipping.
Email for details.

My email is on its way, Barbara!

-Mother Firefly

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