Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 11: Zombie Con Day Two: Puppets and Zombies

On Day Two I spent the majority of my day in the Panel Room. Not only was my new BFF Tom Atkins having his own Q & A all to his own self, there were more paranormal stories and yes, even more kissing to be found there.

Unfortunately, I didn't watch one entire film today. I did, however, see a trailer for an upcoming film called The Amateur Monster Movie. All I have for you is their MySpace page which doesn't have the trailer on it yet. The movie was shot in Wisconsin, and looks really funny. Hope to hear more on it soon.

The Landlord: I saw some of the middle of this movie and I wished I could have seen more. But since I can't bi-locate, I had to choose - and I chose a panel over the movie. I'll definitely be watching for it to be released (the website hopes for next year on DVD) because I'd like to see the rest. It's about demons that inhabit an apartment building. And they're HUNGRY.

Wisconsin Paranormal: Another entertaining talk about ghost hunting. Their presentation focused more on how they get started, their procedures, and their experiences. I also stopped and talked to them at their table - very nice people and easy to talk to.

Tom Atkins: I was glad to see Tom get his own Q & A - he was kind of overshadowed at the Zombies Everywhere! panel - since the conversation revolved around Romero films. It was a good time, and I hope to see Tom at more conventions in the future.

Men Behind the Monster: Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th) and Eugene Clark (Land of the Dead). I really enjoyed Eugene - so much so that I stopped at his booth and had him sign my Land of the Dead DVD, and since he was having a fire sale (his words!), I ended up with a signed photo as well. Nice guy with great stories about working on Land. Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers) was supposed to be a part of this too, but he wasn't there.

The Cave - Day of the Dead:
Last panel of the day with Joe Pilato and Gary Klahr. These two have remained good friends since doing Day and have done many cons together - and their camaraderie is apparent on stage. They talked about their experiences doing Day and stayed for after the show photo ops. I hadn't gotten anything signed by Joe - although I do want my copy of Day signed - it has to wait for another time. But I did go up and talk to him and shook his hand, to which he replied, Oh thank you, Sweetheart, and KISSED ME ON BOTH CHEEKS.


Freaking Captain Rhodes kissed me FOUR times. Damn. I'm going to start expecting this from now on!

Also talked to Gary briefly - just both of them great guys and so happy to talk to and meet the fans.

Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show:

This was playing at the It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival two years ago but I didn't get to see it there. I thought I was going to miss it again - and it probably was a large part of the reason I did the second day. I found out today that it was developed for the Lake Mich Festival and played there both years. They also announced after the show that they had just created new puppets and this weekend was their debut.

HYSTERICAL. If you live in Milwaukee, they're going to be doing shows at MOCT (website here -although there's no info on their site - the flyers they handed out said they'd be there Friday, Oct 23rd at 7, Friday Oct 30th at 8, and Sat Oct 31st at 8). The director told me (through his puppet) that they're going to make this a yearly event. If you love NOTLD, you will love this show. It's funny, it's unique and it captures the spirit of the movie completely. Even Joe Pilato (who attended) said that they broke it down to the essentials perfectly and that he had just gotten free inspiration for his upcoming voice portrayal of Harry Cooper (he announced this weekend that he'd just been cast) in the computer animated Night of the Living Dead: Origins.

If you don't live in Milwaukee, you can watch the show online on Youtube here. It's in four parts and it's still funny , but they've added to the show with new props, puppets, and the actors now wear all black and cover their faces so the puppets are more prominent. I also don't think the videos do the show complete justice, but at least you can see it. I can see this gaining momentum and being a cult sensation if they keep doing the show.

Overall - a job well done, ZombieCon! Can't wait for next year!!!!!

Rarrr and smooches,
Mother Firefly

Official site of Angry Young Men Ltd (and Night of the Living Dead Puppet show)

watch show here on blip

And Joe Pilato's comments on the show here.


Crass Pip said...

Hi, thanks for the comments on NotLD:TPS. I am friends with the troupe and maintain their website at . I'd like to quote your review, if that's OK.. I'm glad you enjoyed the show.
Also, there's a year 2 video, which is better quality, available from, linked on the website's "Video" tab.

Mother Firefly said...

Absolutely! and thanks for the website - I'll add it in the post.

I'm hoping to catch the show later in the month as well....