Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 14 - Terror From Beneath the Earth!

Yes, I'm a little behind in my posts - but I'm ready to catch up now. I've watched FOUR movies in the last two days - well, five if you include a French film that I suffered (read = napped mostly) through called The Class. After twenty minutes, Mother said, I GET it! Students are apathetic and hard to reach! But nooooooooooooo, we all had to sit around and FRIGGIN' TALK ABOUT IT FOR TWO MORE HOURS. Yeah. But there was some goooooooooooood sleepin' between the first and last half hours - and I'm happy to say that the other four films were MUCH better.

I also went to see Inlglourious Basterds last night - LOVED it - so I'm officially blaming Quentin Tarantino for my post being late. But - you can read a review of IB in oh, about a million different places. BUT -what you can't read just anywhere is a review of......

This is one of the films by Christopher R. Mimh that played at Zombie X Con last weekend in Milwaukee - and which I picked up a copy of (along with The Monster of Phantom Lake (review coming soon!).

Terror is the fourth film by Mimh, and the plot involves atomic testing and what happens to one of the animals.....and you all should know, when you mix atomic testing and animals, the results ain't never good!!! Dr. Edward and his sidekick Rosemary are in the process of exploring the area when at the same time, two children have went missing in the same caves. The children's father, Stan, and the local sheriff enlist the help of Dr. Edward and Rosemary to help find the children and try to make sense of just what is going on in that cave!

The films are of course made in the style of 1950's B movie horror. As I said before, I would consider them to be a little more tongue in cheek than Alien Trespass - but still made with a lot of love and fondness for the genre. Everyone is respectful of the era they're representing and it shows.

If you live for the moments in classic B movie horror when you can see the zipper in the monster suit, you'll LOVE the special feature outlining how they made the monster suit in Terror. In less than two minutes - with drawings and pictures, they'll show you how to build a monster suit with duct tape, kitchen strainers, corn cob holders (!), cardboard, magic marker, and black fuzzy material. Oh and bear slippers - don't forget those. Other special features include an intro by Dr Ivan Cryptosis, trailer, photo gallery, and blooper reel.

This recent article here on MinnPost dot com says that Mimh spends 2,000 to 5,000 on each of his films, along with a lot of volunteer help. That makes me want to donate to his next project even more - and you can too, here. For a mere 50.00 you can be listed as an associate producer - along with many other fun goodies. You can also pick up a copy of Terror and the other three films on that link as well.

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