Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 26: The Monster of Phantom Lake

Extra time for things like movies and blogging was a little on the short side today - as it might be for the next few days. I've got school related things planned - as well as working on draft #3 of my clinical project. I'm hoping that things will wind down by the end of the week and I'll be able to enjoy the holiday weekend.

I did find time to fit this movie in today - it's the third in my Halloween series of movies that are a tribute to an era gone by.

This is another film (his first) by Christopher R. Mimh - the director of Terror from Beneath the Earth, which I watched earlier in the month.

As much as I liked Terror, I think I liked The Monster of Phantom Lake a little bit more. I liked the whole 'teenagers and rock-n-roll' aspect of the movie, and I really liked the storyline and chemistry between Professor Jackson (Josh Craig) and his graduate student Stephanie Yates (Leigha Horton). I think if you like any of Mimh's films, you'll like them all. And these two that I've reviewed are both available for rental on Netflix.

Mother Firefly

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