Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 3 - Mmmmm Coffee

I had a late night, my friends. Actually, I've had two very late nights. On both of them I sat down, wrote and posted my Halloween blog, and then burned the midnight oil writing my paper for my clinical project. It's basically a thesis - but the process is a little different. And this has been the focus of the last year of my life (along with clinicals, electives, being a TA, and so forth). I don't discuss it much on my blog because sometimes it's hard to find time to do this - and when I do get to do it, I want to talk about fun spooky stuff and not the daily grind of clinicals, deadlines, and papers.
And now that this journey of three years is winding down, it gets harder every day to make myself work on this stuff. You'd think it'd be easier because it's soooo close to being over - but it's just not. I'd rather sack out on the couch with the stereo cats and watch Ghosthunters. Or Destination Truth. Or even Toddlers and Tiaras, for crying out loud. ANYTHING to avoid writing that paper.

But this week I decided it was time to get this party started and I made myself just sit down and do it. While it's the third draft of some sections (and approximately a third of the paper is probably in its final form) two thirds of it may or will need revisions. I predict it will come back to me .................let me consult my third eye..............two! two! my money's on two! more times. For me - the hardest part is just getting it on paper. Once I get that much done, then revisions aren't so bad.

So today I'm celebrating - the first draft is COMPLETELY finished. Tomorrow I will proof it and send it on its way. I'm going to watch a spooky movie - that I'll review later on today - and then this afternoon Papa Cash and I are going to take in a couple of more selections in the Milwaukee Film Festival. With a visit to Pizza Man! inbetween. (Dumb name, GREAT food).

Oh, did I mention there's actually a Halloween- related post hidden in here somewhere? I mentioned my nights were late - Friday am till 630 am and Saturday am till 5 am - I am in dire need of COFFEE this morning? late morning? early afternoon? Whatever......

Here's one of my favorite ways to drink it in October..........

He's happy the first draft is over with as well. He's not the easiest thing to drink from - those pumpkin edges make things tricky - but he's by far the most fun. Look at that little face. How can you not be happy when you're drinking out of this??

Mother Firefly

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