Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 6 - Ghost Lab

There's some new ghosthunters in town and they're on the Discovery Channel.

Ghost Lab premiered earlier tonight -
Web site here.

Don't they look like a bad ass team of bouncers instead of ghosthunters?

It was a decent enough show - it has a lot of similarities to Ghost Hunters.
Both shows feature two guys who started doing paranormal research after having experiences of their own that they couldn't explain (but these two are brothers) and they're both all about using science to prove that the paranormal exists. I didn't see these guys debunk any claims tonight - in fact, the show doesn't take a lot of time talking about the history of any place, they just get down to investigating, and they have a HUGE trailer filled with the latest and the greatest ghost hunting equipment.

They may have a bigger budget than my favorite Ghost Hunters, Jay and Grant, but I don't think these guys will ever be as near and dear to my heart as J & G.

For one, I think J & G are just more likeable (although this burly group could grow on me), and I happen to get WAY too much pleasure out of seeing J & G take a TAPS emergency call from the office while fixing someone's leaky sink. It just tickles me to death. Besides, I like knowing that my Ghost Hunters can diagnose weird sounds as just issues with the pipes, fix the toliet, or cook me dinner. (They're both great cooks, I hear).

Based on just one show - which might not be fair - I also probably like Ghost Adventures a little bit better than this one.

Those boys just plain scare me. They are freakin NUTS, getting locked down and running around yelling at spirits. GH freaks me out quite often too. Ghost Lab - I didn't find so creepy even though they found some cool stuff. It's just more ...... scientific and matter of fact. Which is great - I get annoyed with other paranormal shows that can't be bothered to take as much as a temperature reading of the room.

But these guys have all the Really Good Shit and they're dying to use it- Here's a rundown from the site:

With the help of the latest technology, two brothers have uncovered some of the most powerful results in supernatural research to date — including a recording of Civil War soldiers talking. Meet Brad and Barry Klinge, Texas natives who in 2007 founded Everyday Paranormal, an investigation team that has explored more than 70 locations and set a new standard in supernatural research with some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment housed in a decked-out traveling "ghost lab."

Traveling the country, the 24-foot car hauler can provide 200,000 watts of electricity to power audio-, video- and photo-analysis stations; flat-screen televisions; and an interactive touch-screen smart board. The lab houses surveillance video cameras capable of shooting 300 feet away in total darkness with a 180-degree peripheral view; temperature, humidity and dew point data loggers; various digital cameras, including thermal-imaging cameras; audio recorders; and more than 8,000 feet of video cable. This on-site high-tech lab enables investigators to analyze data on the premises in real time, helping them to more narrowly focus their investigations on known hot spots.

Join the Klinge brothers, along with some of the world's foremost specialists in science measurements, as they devise and test cutting-edge theories during their investigations, in Ghost Lab. The all-new series premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


I'm looking forward to seeing more - I can never get enough of the ghost huntin', so I say bring it on. Although if I ever have to make a choice between accompanying the Ghost Lab or the original GH on a hunt, I'm going with my plumbers.

Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I got your heads up this would be on, tried logging into my DVR at home to set it up, but the damn cat knocked the network cable out. So long story short, I forgot when I got home and the show didn't get recorded. I will have to look for repeats.

I think you are right about the cooking, I believe Grant use to be a Chef, have to verify that.

One little piece of advise, if your interested in any of these shows, don't google them. The skeptics seem to rule the internet and they have an explanation for anything that is found. They also don't believe anything is paranormal.

Mother Firefly said...

I'm pretty sure it was on again another night - maybe tonight.

Plumbers that know how to cook who can also do your ghost bustin', that's pretty much the perfect guy right there.

Some people will never believe even if the evidence is right in front of them....

have you ever seen the premiere episode of ghost adventures where they capture the full body apparition walking across the room?