Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 22 Part II: 'Vinny the P' Double Feature

What would the month of October be without a little Vincent Price? BORING, I say!

I love almost all Price's films, so it's always hard for me to pick. I try to watch House on Haunted Hill every October, but I blogged about it last year, so I thought I'd go with something else.

And why not a double feature while we're at it? Twice Told Tales and Tales of Terror are Two Tastes that Taste good Together.

These two films are available as a double feature from MGM Midnite Movies.

Twice Told Tales features three short movies based on the stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Tales of Terror features the same except based on the stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

Twice has three stories: (directed by Sidney Salkow)
Dr. Heidegger's Experiment (with Sebastian Cabot - Mr. French!)
Rappaccini's Daughter
The House of the Seven Gables

as does Tales: (directed by Roger Corman)
The Black Cat (with Peter Lorre)
The Case of M. Valdemar (with Basil Rathbone)

Of the two films, I prefer Tales over Twice - but only slightly. Probably because I have more memories of it - especially The Black Cat.

And the REALLY cool part is - this MGM double feature is part of the 2 for $10 horror movie sale going on at Deep Discount till October 26th. There are other Price double features in the sale as well : Fall of the House of Usher/Pit and the Pendulum, Abominable Dr. Phibes/Dr Phibes Rises Again, Oblong Box/Scream and Scream Again, Masque of the Red Death/Premature Burial (although this is Ray Milland, not Price), and Theater of Blood/Madhouse. That's FOUR Vincent Price films for ten bucks, or what the hell, buy them all, have a film festival.

Link is HERE.

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