Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Even though I watch this film every October, this wasn't what I had planned on doing today. But since I ended up coming down with whatever Papa Cash had last weekend (and is still getting over), I didn't do a whole lot of anything today. Drinking juice and watching H3 was really all I wanted to do.

I love this movie - it's so flawed but it's also so FUN.

I'm too tired for a full review - instead I'll just touch on some of the things I adore about this film and why.

Let us explore its awesomeness, shall we?

1. Tom. Tom Atkins in a lab coat. Yum.

2. Creepy F**kin' Masks.

3. Robots! That bleed orange!

4. THAT dang song. You know you love it!

5. Creepy staring townspeople. (Check out Shamrock Savings!)

6. Going undercover as a married couple so they can investigate the mask factory!

7. And then taking going undercover a little too seriously.......
"If you'd feel more comfortable, I could sleep in the car.....be better than this floor, anyway."

"Where do you want to sleep, Dr Challis?'

"That's a dumb question, Miss Grimbridge."

8. The announcement of the 6 oclock curfew. (time to take yer kittens in!)

9. Don't stick that bobby pin in the damn mask holy shit cut it out cut it out

told ya so.

10. Take this mask - it's been through FINAL PROCESSING.

Don't believe me? Take a look:

11. Yep, that's one big chunk of Stonehenge you're looking at. You wouldn't BELIEVE how they got it there! Nope, you sure wouldn't.....in fact, it's so unbelieveable, we're just not going to tell you at all....

12. Sequence that you shouldn't think too hard about:
Watch the magic pumpkin!

My shamrock is glowing and my head feels all funny...

The snakes are scary and all, but the real killing power lies in the crickets and roaches:


13. This set of shots:

14. Weird backwards partially tied down arm somehow manages to whip the mask...

right on top of the camera...PERFECTLY.

15. Yay! You did a good job defeatin' me and all.

16. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17. Pretend wifey turns out to be a Real Robot.

Realizing today (after seeing this film fifty times) that if this had actually happened when I was a kid, I would have never been in danger of putting on one of these masks and having bugs and snakes eat my head.

Because I would have asked for one, and my mom would have said they were too expensive and " I am going to make your costume and you will be Wonder Woman and you will have HUMONGOUS fake boobs. Even though you are only eight."

True Story.

Ten more days till Halloween,
Mother Firefly


Dane said...

Just saw it for the first time a few nights ago. It's a shame it did poorly in theaters - as goofy as it was, it beats Halloween 2. Or anything after 3, either, but that goes without saying.

Mother Firefly said...

It really was the step-child of the Halloween series for a long time- I'm glad to see it getting a little bit of respect in the last couple of years.

It's a fun movie and a lot more interesting than much of what we get in the theaters today. You really do have to ignore the plot holes, but hey, what's a little suspense of disbelief among friends?

Belle Dee said...

I love this movie. Halloween & Halloween III are the only ones in the series that I really love.

Mother Firefly said...

Belle: I'm happy to see people show love for this film. It was especially fun to watch this time after meeting Tom Atkins a couple of weeks ago (I'm still glowing!)

I also checked out your blog, Doo Wacka Doodles- what FABULOUS artwork! I especially love your Season of the Witch piece - and read all the comments - it seems there really is a lot of affection for this film. I'm sure Mr. Atkins would be thrilled to know that.