Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 - Them

Add this to the growing list of scary, well - made French films. IMDB lists this movie as French/Romanian, but since I don't have a list of scary, well-made Romanian films, I'm sticking with France.

Unfortunately, this movie is a lot like Martyrs, in that to explain too much is to ruin it. On the other hand, it's nothing like Martyrs, in that the scariness has to do with what you can't see and what isn't shown, and the gore is light.

If you're in the mood for a scary, short, and sweet horror film (77 mins), and you'd like to see the better movie that 'The Strangers' was based on, check this one out. I didn't hate 'Strangers' - but I liked these characters better and I felt they could actually act. Sorry, Liv Tyler, you're pretty and all.....but ...... well, you know. I also felt that the characters in this story were smarter and possessed more wherewithall than the people in 'Strangers'.

Even if you already saw 'Strangers', I don't think that you'll feel that you've already seen this movie. Besides a couple being targeted and harassed by seemingly invisible people with no real motive, this story is entirely different. Also the house is so amazing, it's almost a character in itself. And the story ends up taking us outside the house into some other scary outdoor locations.

And that's about all I can without giving anything away - I caught this on Sundance but you can also rent/stream it on Netflix. There's an afterword at the end of the movie that suggests that the film was based on a true story - but doesn't explicitly state this, and I'm unable to find any information online. It's entirely possible that it was - but that doesn't add or distract to the movie in any way.

-Mother Firefly

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