Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Halfway Through!!!!!!

My official Halloween mascot, Ash, (known in our house as Boo - because he's a black cat - therefore -a Halloween cat - therefore "Boo") hopes you are enjoying your Halloween season.

I am!...and I have a few more Halloween themed events still on the way. I'm planning on a haunted house this weekend, a Dracula play next weekend, and I'm hoping to see a few more horror movies at the theater in the next week. This is more Halloween goodness than I've had time for in the last couple of years.

Halfway there and I've done at least one post every day.......I'm way more ahead of the game than I was last year.
But then again last year, I was balancing 17 credits, a clinical, and studying for the NCLEX. I'm amazed I did any blogs that didn't consist of more than drool and one word: Derrrrrrp.

If memory serves, I had already gotten ready for school, drove to the bus stop, and was on the bus almost at school when my tired ass thought....oh yeah. It's Halloween. Hmmm. Wonder if I can take a nap when I get home today?

Anyway - I sure hope you're supporting all the other wonderful bloggers who are blogging their Halloween - loving hearts out.
Check out the list here:

Also - I'd like to point out some KICKASS Halloween DVD sales:

Movies range in price from 3.99 to ?
The reason I personally like this sale is because of all the offbeat stuff, including many double features from Something Weird. Two movies for 4.99? Count me in! I picked up a lot of stuff from this sale last year that I'm STILL making my way through. Sales go through Oct 31.

Deep Discount DVD
Several sales going on here - you can find all the links on the main page. My favorite is the Fox sale - 2 for 10.00 sale - many double feature Midnite Movies here. Sales end 10/19 - 10/26, depending.

Any others? Let me know....

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