Monday, March 7, 2011

Back At It

Yes, I'm back, and Mama is feeling GOOD.   Finally my new place feels like a home, the cats have adjusted, and we're getting back to something resembling a life. Except since this is my strange version of a life, ghost hunting shows clog my DVR, Elvis and Barry White are on the stereo, and I tuck myself into bed at night with HorrorHound magazine.  AND - best of all - The Scary is coming back around again.

Although it was never gone - I played Dawn of the Dead at least twice last weekend when I opened every last dang box in the place. Wherever I am, I always have Peter, Roger and Flyboy to keep me company.

And I've been discovering things I'd forgotten I had - before I moved to Milwaukee eight years ago, I packed up my collection of all things horror and stored it in the attic - where it's been hanging out all this time. I can't believe the things I'd forgotten - like my signed certificate from Ted Mikels saying that I'm of sound mind and body and cleared to watch The Corpse Grinders.....totally forgot I had a Lily Munster doll .... and do I really have a Leatherface bobble head?  Yep. I sure do.

Finally this week I stopped working on this place and watched something filled with awesome badness and deserving of the Mama treatment. Expect that in a day or two.

The Firefly Ranch has relocated and we're back open for business, friends. Just take off your shoes, please, those rugs weren't cheap. Who needs Papa Cash, anyway? Mama is making this all her OWN.

And who knows? maybe someday, some tall drink of nerdy horror lovin' man will come over to the Ranch and say, Mama, you are some MESSED up chick.....and I love it. And I'll be all, MmmHmm, You KNOW it, Baby.

But for now, this girl is loving hanging out with her friends, doing what she wants, when she wants, and not having to watch ANYTHING that falls under the category of what I like to call 'Arty Relationship Movie'.   Ew.  

Take care, my friends, and Mama will be back soon with a martini in one hand and screen shots of bad monsters in the other.....

-Mama Firefly


Jinx said...

Oh, Mama, so good to have you back, and to hear how well you are. Glad the kitties are settling too. I think photos of your exciting attic liberated horror stuff is in order. xxx

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Holy fucking cat shit, you live. I think I sent you some emails and heard NOTHING back, lol, but its ok.

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks, Jinx - and I agree, some of this warped stuff needs to be captured on film. I just picked up shelves this last weekend, so if the fates align, things will be up and rocking this weekend.

JL: email? LOL where? Okay, maybe one. But you can pick up a phone and call a SISTA, you know!
You'll be happy to know I'm currently watching one of your mancrushes in Californication season 4.

Emily said...

Good to have you back! And hell yes, Dawn of the Dead remains my all-time favorite film that, should I ever become god or queen, will be played twice a weekend for ALL OF MANKIND!

Mother Firefly said...

YES!!!!! And people will be FORCED to act out the 'Grandaddy was a priest in Trinidad' scene with me on a regular basis on my balcony. I'll start looking for my oversized mink coat and air rifle now.

harleygirl13 said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! We have all missed your great movie reviews!!! It is all Good!!!