Thursday, March 17, 2011

Y'all Need to Be Here

in south Milwaukee on Saturday night.

From the Angry Young Men, Ltd blog:

You see, we've got a show coming up next week Friday. Char and the gang at Soulstice Theatre are throwing a benefit - One Night Only - and asked us if we would like to throw our puppets into the mix.
A little background - many of us at the core of Angry Young Men have worked with Soulstice over the last decade. Soulstice is a wonderful  Community Theatre, but not in the way you'd expect. They do thoughtful, provocative, and lesser-known pieces, not another @#$%-ing version of "Our Town" starring bored suburbanites. They even donate a percentage of ticket sales, every show, to a local charity. Who else does that?
 So when we were asked to 'Bring our puppets", we decided we were going to do so much more. First off, the whole of Act 2 is the NOTLD puppet show. If you missed us around Halloween, here's your chance to see us live. If you've seen us in the past, there's plenty of surprises up our sleeves for this time around.
It's never the same show twice, trust me.
We've also come up with some new characters that'll be capering underfoot during Act One. We were well overdue for singin', dancin' puppets, anyway.
So come on down to the Marion Center (3195 S Superior St, Milwaukee) on Saturday, March 19th. There'll be a Reception and cash bar starting at 6:30, and the show starts at 7:30.
Oh, and, it's Pay-What-You-Can.
So Give, Baby, Give!

Just do what yer Mama says and GIT down there.


Billy Ray said...

Hey Mother Firefly,

Thanks for the preview, it was a good show.

I haven't seen any new everything OK? We hope you're just busy.

Best wishes and positive vibes from the gang at Angry Young Men Ltd!

Mother Firefly said...

Hey, Billy Ray. All is fine. Just having an extended absence, I guess. Someday soon I intend to sit down and watch something cheap, scary, and downright horrible. A friend recently gave me a stack of DVD's that she guarantees are wonderful in their crappiness.
Can't wait to see what you guys are up to next....
love Mother Firefly