Monday, November 24, 2008

Blissed Out

This is our number two cat, Nissa. She is pretty happy in this picture, laying in her favorite place in the office, hanging out with Papa Cash, and dreaming happy dreams.

My cats hardly ever get called by their 'official' vet names, i.e., the names I use when I make appointments for them. I called her Bunny for a while when we got her, because she hops like a little rabbit. Then we started calling her The Notorious L.G.K. (Little Girl Kitty), or just L.G.K., or Little Girl. Sometimes we even call her Office Cat, since that is her favorite room.

She may or may not be the youngest (we don't know Puff's actual birthdate) but she is definitely the baby. She and Puff were both adopted from the Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue here in Wisconsin. She is a Chocolate Linxpoint Ragdoll who was listed as 'special needs' and had been through three foster homes and one adoptive home before she came to us. She was nine months old and barely weighed five pounds. These last two pictures are the first ones I saw of her.

She was born with some kind of IBS - she went through every test they could do on her and everything came up negative. But she had chronic diarrhea and was almost put down until some kind person fought for her and got her into rescue. Another very kind person worked and worked with her, trying different kinds of foods until she finally came up with a combination of two different wet foods that seemed to work for her. Then she went to a foster home to await adoption, and she was adopted- but allergies in the home brought her back to foster care. Then I found her on the website.

She eventually progressed to regular soft food - the only restriction now is that we have to keep her away from hard cat food, which she loves. But that isn't too difficult since she CAN'T JUMP. She can make it as high as the seat of a chair and that's about it. So Ash's food is up on the counter where there's no way in hell she will ever reach it.

Her First Birthday

Nissa also has a very weird personality. Since she doesn't meow, she makes a funny little noise that sounds like 'meh'. In some ways she's more 'special needs' than my cat with asthma. She HATES to be picked up, brushed, touched on the sides or the belly, and will 'bitch' at you if you try and do any of that. Say 'mehhhhhh' like you have laryngitis, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what Nissa says when we do anything she doesn't like - which is pretty much everything.

She acts like a badass but is really a HUGE baby. So we just do whatever we want anyway because the 'meh meh' sound is actually pretty adorable. Like if I bug her when she doesn't want to be pet, or if she actually feels like playing with me, she'll nibble at my hand and push it down on the desk. Then when I say 'kisses', she licks me. She will also tolerate Papa Cash picking her up and feeding her treats - he holds them away from her and she verrrrrrrrrrrrrry tenderly and slowly will wrap her paw around his hand and take the treat ever so gently from his fingers. Badass, indeed.

She also is notorious for her 'late night love a thons'. Sometimes if I sleep on the couch, she will wait till I'm sleeping, crawl up my body, lay on my chest, and bite at my hands until I scratch her neck and behind her ears. She rolls around, head butts me, and nibbles at me if I happen to fall back asleep and stop. The next day I always wonder if I dreamt it. I'm pretty sure she does this because she thinks we won't remember it, and can therefore maintain her reputation of aloofness. But I know better. She's a big lover inside her crusty exterior, once you get past the bitchiness. And we think her 'act' is pretty adorable.

Which is why I'm so happy she ended up with us and not someone else who wouldn't find her odd personality irrestible. I often wonder if the people who claimed 'allergies' got her home and said, I think this cat is malfunctioning......what is that noise it keeps making??? And then brought out the old 'allergies' excuse and took her back for a cat that worked right.

Meh-meh, my little L.G.K.
-Mother Firefly

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harleygirl13 said...

She is really pretty and I think she knows it! That probably accounts for some of her bitchiness. She wants to make sure you are aware of it to. I have heard her neat little mew and seen her eat from Steves hand. She is quite the lady when she wants to be. She has found the right home that is for sure.