Monday, November 24, 2008

The NCLEX and VH1

Hello, my loves. I have been on hiatus (except for my movie update last week) but please don't think I've not been busy.

It's always rushed towards the end of a semester, but this one is especially hectic because I'm also preparing to take the NCLEX on December 16th. It literally took me almost two weeks from the time I recieved official permission to test to the day when I pulled the trigger and scheduled the damned thing. My selection was made easy by the fact that every test was at 8 am except for this one, which was at 10. If I have to be there at 8, I'll never sleep the night before because I'll be terrified I'll oversleep. Having to be somewhere at 10 am vs 8 am lets me breathe just a little easier, and I may actually manage 2 or 3 solid hours before I start having nightmares.

Oh, and the day after I scheduled the test? I sat down to work on my online test - prep program, opened up a practice test (that I thought I felt excited to take, to see how well I would do) and promptly had yet another minor anxiety attack (roughly # 56 of the semester for those of you playing along at home)

Last week I finished the last of the assignments for two of my classes, and am very close to finishing a third. That only leaves one last big project for my fourth class (which I am doing a GREAT job of procrastinating) and studying for the NCLEX.

I also recieved a nice bunch of horror movies from Amazon that call my name every day to watch them and blog about them. SOON. Very soon.

I have made time, however, to watch my favorite TV shows, most of which are on Vh1. I watch just about every damn stupid show on there. This fall they decided to lay on every show they could think of, so now I have FIVE damn VH1 reality shows I am keeping track of.

The Pick - Up Artist: This one I might not watch if it weren't for Papa Cash. I could care less about what guy becomes the pick up artist. But what is an endless source of amusement to me is how seriously the master pick up artist, Mystery, takes himself. He has a 'wing-man' named Matador, for crying out loud. MATADOR. And at the end of the show is the handing out of medallions. Try to watch at least the last fifteen minutes and see if you don't laugh while Mystery explains the name of the medallion and what it stands for.

Charm School: (rock of love version) I think I just watched all these chicks compete on I Love Money, didn't I? (See, told you I watch ALL these shows) I like Sharon Osbourne and how she calls all of the girls 'Misses'. I'm not sure why I like this show, but I like seeing Sharon call out the bitches and put them in their place. Go Sharon!

Scream Queens: Probably not too hard to understand why I'd watch this one. Actresses compete week after week acting out scenes from horror movies. Some of the actresses are really good and fun to watch. Although the prize might be the lamest ever - a role in Saw VI. Really? That's the best you can do?

Real Chance at Love: My favorite. I love the crap out of this show. Real and Chance make great TV. I think Chance is a little childish but hey, he ain't my BF, and he's funny. Real is the romantic one, and I am rooting for him to find a good woman since New York and Hoops both broke his heart. But I have to say at this stage in the competition, I am not feeling any of the women competing for him. Step it up, ladies!

Celebrity Rehab: God, could there ever be a more exploitative show? It's also a show to make you feel really, really good about yourself. No matter how depressed you are, you can always watch an episode of this and come away thinking, hey, the economy might be lousy, and I might not have a date tonight, but thank god I'm not Gary Busey! I think Gary Busey could actually become a kind of inspirational speaker, send him around the country to talk to people- call it the 'Thank God You're Not Me' tour. Would inspire millions, I think.

Anyway- if you do watch this show and pay attention to the explanations and observations of Dr. Drew, I think you can learn some things about addiction and addictive personalities and why addiction is so hard to break. And if you watch the show at MY house, you can hear Papa Cash's impersonation of Jeff Conaway.
It still makes me laugh. Every time.

And my favorite part of the show? The Dreamboat that is Dr. Drew. Sigh. What a babe. I wait for the 'short sleeve' moments in the show when I can catch a glimpse of the guns. The man has arms that make me weep.

So inbetween all those shows, I still have my tried and true, the Ghosthunters on Wednesdays. And we're also fortunate that Sci-fi runs a couple of older episodes as well before the new one. I watch them all, doesn't matter if I've seen them three times. However, this last week I realized there is an aspect present in the older shows that I don't see in the newer ones- and I'd really like them to bring it back. Not only does it lend itself to a bit of day to day reality, it also improves the hotness quotient for me. Which, when you get rid of everything else, is really all that matters.

I'm talking about - the GH boys discussing the latest case while doing their day job- working on someone's plumbing. Last week's episode went something like this:

Jason: (working under a sink) Hey Grant, don't you think it's weird that Brian and Steve went through all those hours of tape from that last case and didn't find one thing? Hand me that wrench.

Grant: (Hands Jason wrench) Yeah, they're not even bringing us pictures of dust.

Jason: (tightening up various things) I think the problem might be more with Brian getting sloppy.

Grant: Yeah, I think we might need to talk to them and go through the footage ourselves.

Jason: Great, just what I want to do, go through hours of footage again. Turn that faucet on for me, Grant.

Grant (running water) Yeah, unfortunately I think we might need to look at it for ourselves at this point.

Jason: (satisfied nothing is leaking) Wonderful. I can't wait.

YES! I miss the days when Jason and Grant discussed ghosthunting in their Roto-
Rooter uniforms while fixing pipes. It just made them even more awesome.

I kind of like knowing if I ever get a ghost infiltration, not only will my ghosthunters know exactly how to capture evidence, they can also fix that leaking faucet in my kitchen. Gotta love a man who knows how to fix shit, ladies. Saves some $$ and you gotta admit, it's kinda hot.

Now go watch some TV. It's good for you.
-Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I have seen pieces of "The Pick Up Artist" and I don't understand it. What makes this guy such an expert? Annoys the hell out of me, hes a duesche bag.

The GH guys have been doing their plumbing again in the beginning and they get that magical phone call. Dont forget to read my blog on them and the Adventure's guys, lots of good stuff going on

Mother Firefly said...

I don't get it either - but he's fun to laugh at.

I thought I was up to speed but I'll check again.

Mother Firefly said...

Oh - and LOVE the magical phone calls!

Mandy Ann said...

Mystery drives me so so so insane. I think he is such a retard. Who dresses like that? Who made him think he was so cool? Why did VH1 give him a show? (Then again - look at Flava Flav). But really, I hate him. The BF love love loves the show, and so do my kids, so I get stuck watching it weekly. I think he is a total tool, and any girl that would fall for all that BS is a retard too. Whew. Done.

Charm School - them bitches is crazy! My son was just saying how he loves how Sharon calls all the girls "Misses". I heart Sharon. Did you see Brandi C go all Pumpkin this week? That was awesome. My picks for the win: Jessica (just because she is so sweet, but doubtful), or maybe, I hate to say it... Brandi M (just because she is total trailer park, and remember the ghetto trash that won the first one? Saphyre!)

I am not all that thrilled with the women of Real Chance, but the boys do entertain me so. I have no winners in mind, but Bubbles is very entertaining, as well as annoying to watch.

Gary Busey is a fucking idiot. The end.

Good luck on everything! You are at the end - I can see the light, even if you can't! I hope you and Papa Cash have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mandizzle Out!

Mother Firefly said...

I think they should name Mystery's show 'The Pick Up Retard'. He can keep the name Mystery because it is a mystery to me how he gets women!!

Brandi C- OMG! If you haven't learned by NOW that spitting on a VH1 show is a huge No-No, you never will. I did feel bad that the person who manipulated her, Lacey, didn't get the boot. I love how the girls aren't basically learning SHIT and still drinking and cussing and spitting. I think some trailer trash such as Brandi M or Heather are primed to win. I would almost like to see Heather get it because she's kind of the underdog at this point.
Jessica rules. If I had to pick one of those girls as my friend, she would be it. did you see her take care of those drunk bitches, feeding them pizza and water, and warning Brandi M that she had been manipulated by Lacey. Damn. Jessica would HAVE YOUR BACK.

I'll be sad when Real Chance at love ends. I almost hope it doesn't work for either of them so we can have a part 2. I actually dreamt the other night that I accidentally lost my brother at the mall and Chance rode around in my car with me looking for him. The show is in my dang PSYCHE.

Thanks for the encouragement. I need it right now.

I hope your T-day rocks as well, Girlfriend!