Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Favorite Christmas Songs

Here are the songs I consider ESSENTIAL for my Christmas listening pleasure:

The Christmas Song.....Nat King Cole
This is my absolutely, positively favorite Christmas song of all time, hands down, no question. And only this version will do. It's not Christmas for me till I hear this, and thanks to the Holly station on XM (played during painting our living room last week) I did get to hear it. Therefore Christmas can still happen.

Last Wham!
Omg. How I heart this soon as I hear that crappy synthesizer in the beginning, I'm 14 again and there's NO WAY IN HELL that G. Mike is NOT heterosexual. NO WAY, I tell you. Although I was always an Andrew Ridgeley mark - (How could you resist those eyes?) this song makes me stop, turn it up, and sing along with George and his or hate him, you gotta admit, the man sells this song.....with the whispered 'Merry Christmas'...and his righteous indignation in the line....'My god, I thought you were someone to rely, I guess i was a shoulder to cry on...'
I recently heard some watered down remake of this song that made me want to simultaneously vomit and scream - the singer sounded like he was HAPPY, for God's sake. HELLO?!? This is a song about heartbreak and rejection, at CHRISTMAS, no less- just shut up and let G. Mike show you how it's done.

And god bless Wham! - they also made a little video back in the day for the song as well. I believed that would be the ultimate Christmas, to run off to some cabin with a bunch of pretty people and George and Andrew and run around in the snow.....alas it never did happen but maybe if I live long enough and go senile, I'll tell people about the time I dumped my BF George for his BFF Andrew and it was a VERY uncomfortable Christmas.....

Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics

I did break this out tonight and let it play through three times while I wrote my blog we can officially start Christmas now.

I wasn't sure if I should put this on my music list or my movie/tv list....but since it's all songs, and I have other South Park Christmas favorites...I thought it should go here. Some highlights include:

Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo - containing what I think is the one of the funniest lyrics of all time:

Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo,
He loves me, I love you,
therefore vicariously he loves you.......

(also extra points for making the intro resemble Rankin/Bass' Postman from Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

O Holy Night......sung by Eric Cartman.
I have to mention this song not because I actually love it but because it has managed to creep so deeply into my psyche that when I hear the real song, I automatically hear Cartman's voice in my head and fill in with his words......

It is the night with the Christmas trees and pie
Jesus was born and so I get presents
Thank you Jesus for being born
Fall on your knees
and hear the angels...something
O Night Divine.....when I get presents

I'll be 80 and I'll still hear Cartman in my head, I'm sure of it.
When I'm sitting around talking about the good old days with my boyfriend Andrew.

And my favorite, the medley done by Santa and Jesus.
If you go here, you can watch the whole episode on the South Park website:
There should be a link directly to this episode, but if not, it's on season 3 - which is also on the website.

Happy Christmas (War is Over)
I never get tired of this song. I love the message and I love John Lennon's voice. I wish he were still around to sing it for us.
And this is also the time of year I bring out my Yoko Ono impersonation. It comes out once a year and it's always the first time I hear this song in December. And then it goes away again till next year. Unless you were also painting my living room last week, you missed it.
I also like the Melissa Etheridge version of this song. It is acceptable. Celine Dion also did a version, but a big Mr. Hankey the Chrismas Poo all over that.

Do They Know It's Christmas? Band-Aid
I was HUGELY in love with a lot of British bands and singers and quite a few of them are in this. Not that it wasn't done for a good cause and all....but hey, I was FOURTEEN. Sure, feed the world, but SHOW ME DURAN DURAN while you're at it.

Elvis......Blue Christmas
The whole dang album, but ESPECIALLY 'Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me' and the most Elvisiest of all Elvis Christmas songs, 'Santa Claus is Back in Town'. When I was a little kid, I thought Elvis was singing that song drunk. True Story. Turns out that I was mistaking drunkeness for horniness. Not the first time I'd make that mistake.....

I can't YouTube anything because they take all the Elvis videos down anyway.....
Don't have this album? BUY IT.

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