Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guess Who Got Adopted?

Chance went to his new home on Friday morning. A very good friend of mine (and fellow RN) adopted him. Chance now has a family and an entire house to himself...and a VERY sweet little boy who was THRILLED to meet him and take him home. By all reports, he is doing just fine....exploring his new home and interacting with his new family. He'll never have to worry about being unsafe or homeless again.

We miss him- he was a great little cat with a loving personality- but we also feel really good that he ended up with such wonderful people. Yay Chance!

-Purrs and Hugs,
Mother Firefly


harleygirl13 said...

It couldn't have worked out any better. You guys gave him a second chance. If he hadn't found you he would have not made it through the winter. This way you will always be able to check up on him.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Its nice to a roughed up, beaten down, worn out pussy like that get a new life.