Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movie Update, Lost, and other TV

My movie intake has come to a crawl with the semester starting and getting into the groove of everything. I have three classes and two new roles this semester, so it's taken me some time to get into the groove and learn to balance everything. FINALLY this weekend I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this.......basically it comes down to learning that Monday through Thursday I just need to commit myself to getting from place to place, going to class, unpacking and repacking my bag, eating, and sleeping.

I have responsibilities day and night through the week, so I've had to come to terms with not accomplishing much else besides being where I need to be and doing the best job I can there.
That's not easy for me because
a)I tend to ALWAYS think I can do more in any 24 hour period than I can, and
b)I like to stay ahead of the game.

But this weekend I finally got up Friday and knocked out a bunch of work. I'm still struggling with wanting to sleep all day long but I did manage to accomplish a lot and still feel like I could take the night off tonight and do some blogging.

So here's some recent movies I've seen:

Midnight Meat Train:
Okay, I swear lately that Netflix just sends me whatever the hell they feel like and pays zero attention to my actual list. I don't even think this movie was near the top, and I wasn't real excited to get it- because I average one movie a week from them, and I'd like it to be a good one. But I have to say it was pretty good- probably the best new horror movie I've seen since Quarantine. It's a pretty simple story about a madman butchering people on the subway, but the acting is good and the movie actually gave us characters to care about. It's also pretty gory (there is one BAD effect featuring Ted Raimi and his eyes popping out of his head) but I thought it was original and well done overall. It's based on a short Clive Barker story (which I read years ago) and I'm not sure they do a really good job of explaining the 'why' behind everything, but I'm always up for some ambiguity. Worth watching if you're a horror fan and tired as hell of remakes and sequels.

Valkyrie: Wasn't my pick. Thank god for a free movie pass and the ability to nap during a movie and not feel bad about it. Can't say I saw more than 25% of it. Can't say I enjoyed any of that 25%.

Gran Torino: The ads for this made me laugh and say, 'Are you freakin kidding me?'
I thought I would laugh at the prospect of Clint Eastwood kickin' ass and takin' names at the ripe old age of 90, or however old he is. But I actually liked this and I never fell asleep. Not once.

The Wrestler: HEART this movie. HEART Mickey Rourke. I remember years ago when he was a big deal, and I never got it. (Although I always have loved Angel Heart) Then he went away and became a boxer. I thought, so what? A couple of years ago I saw Spun. I mostly do NOT like to watch movies about drug abuse where people spiral out of control and get high and do dumb things. Nope. But there was something about Spun and I think it was mostly Mickey Rourke. I kinda started to like him.
This movie just got to me. I don't like wrestling and I know zero about it but that doesn't matter. The fact that it's about wrestling is minor -it could be about any career where someone had his glory days and now is kind of stuck in limbo. He broke my heart. I'd watch it over and over despite the fact that it is not a 'happy' movie. I hope he wins the Oscar tomorrow. I'm entering contests again and he's going on my ballot.

Igor: I love animation and I so wanted to like this. But the story is lame and the animation is sub-par, even on Blu-Ray. Just average.

Deception: Hugh Jackman. EWAN MCGREGOR, for God's sake. A Secret Sex Club.
Recipe for a home run. Started off interesting and then dissolved into averageness. If there's nothing else to rent, not the worst way to get your entertainment. But you'll probably forget about it by the next day.

Swing Vote: Again, another time Netflix seemingly decided to randomly send me something. I saw an ad long before the election that managed to make this movie look interesting. It was okay. Good storyline and acting between Kevin Costner and the girl that played his daughter. Otherwise just average.

RocknRolla: ANOTHER random Netflix mailing. But this time they got it right. I loved this, and the movie got better the more I watched it. Made me want to rewatch the older Guy Ritchie movies. Gerald Butler is like someone cleaned up Russell Crowe and gave him to us all over again. Maybe it's time for me to finally watch 300.

TV I Can't Stay Away From:

American Idol :
I get obsessed. I watch every episode, I suffer through every too long elimination episode. Every year there is a 'thorn in my side' and last year he almost won. Every year I think, this is the year I'll get sick of it..and then some dude from Milwaukee ends up in the top 12. He's getting some shit right now about talking too much about his deceased wife, but right now I like him and I think he can sing, dangit.

Rock of Love Bus:
OMG. I keep prayin' that Bret doesn't stop this farce of 'lookin for love' and keeps cranking this crap out. I think even the ho's, ahem, the Contestants, have figured this out and sign up for the free drinks and tv time. I mean, come on. Last week someone that Bret knew died in Iraq and then one of the girls shared with Bret that her father died very recently. Bret listened to her sad story and then SENT HER ASS PACKING. Because nobody else can be competing with Bret when he wants to get all the attention from his ho's, um Potential Rocks Of Love.
whatever. We could actually switch out has been rock stars and the show would still kick ass. Because this mess of the show is all about the drunk strippers, who even after three seasons, manage to be more entertaining/slutty/hysterical than ever.

Holy Crap I Heart This Show. After five seasons, it just keeps getting better and better. On the island-off the island-on the island, time travel, dead people with cryptic messages, a dude who never ages.
And most mysterious of all- how I manage to love a show so much with a main character that I can't stand:
I haven't made any secret who my FAVORITE cast member is:

Dear Jebus, Why Am I So Damn Sexy????

But what has been even better about this year (and part of last season) is the chance for Mr. Yum Yum and others to get off the island, get a shower and a haircut and put on some clean clothes:

My Mr. Yum-Yum has been somewhat missing from recent shows and spent most of at least one unconscious (although he did wake up to bring the whoop-ass out on his would-be-attacker) but I'm happy to see him this last episode awake, cleaned up, and on the plane ...and with some chick that we don't know?

Another candidate in the 'holy cow you clean up GOOD' category is Desmond. I always kinda liked Desmond in that 'sexy Jesus scruffy bearded' kinda way.... and the fact that he could see the future was kinda hot too....but when I saw him at the beginning of the season....well, off island life has been good to a BRO-THAH (say in your best Desmond voice)

and dang, he even dresses up pretty to go out:
DANG. Love love LOVE Desmond and I can't wait to see what role he has in the island. Because apparently he's 'different' than everyone else.

Peace out,
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

A couple of these are on my list, I cant wait for the Wrestler and I am interested in Gran Torino, plus it was filmed literally around the corner, so got to give some support. Oh and don't count Mickey our on the remake of Get Carter, I may be the only person who likes that film, actually I really like it and will continue to support it. I mean it has two aging actors (rourke and stallone) battling it out in a blood bath at the end

I didn't care for Midnight Meat Train, I guess I felt like there was a big hole in not knowing what he did it for and what was the deal with the things he was storing in the bathroom.

I will probably skip Deception even though Dawson's on and off again friend/girlfriend looks hot in it (michele williams from dawsons creek)

Lost has been awesome, so much going on right now. Side note I have been keeping up with Hurley's blog, its cool to see him doing it. The last blog about the ass shot was pretty funny.

Mother Firefly said...

I have seen so much mediocre lately that maybe I am easy to please.

Michele Williams is barely in Deception, so you're not missing much there.

I love Hurley's blog, the ass shot was funny (and interesting trivia), what I especially loved was that he used Baby Godzilla to illustrate what he meant.

I heart Baby Godzilla.
Son of Godzilla day was best day ever of Godzilla Week. God forbid if they left it out.

Mandy Ann said...

Oh, how I heart thee.
Welcome back.

Mother Firefly said...

Miss Mandy Ann, I heart your fine self right back.