Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh Hells yeah

I complained for the first four years that I lived here that Milwaukee might be one of the only big cities to not have any kind of horror convention.

FINALLY three years ago we had 'It Came From Lake Michigan', a horror/sci-fi film festival. The first year I managed to miss it because I confused the dates- DERP- but I did go for one day during the second year. I wouldn't call it a true horror con, but I did manage to spend most of one day watching films and kind of enjoying was a really small deal and not very well attended (at least while I was there). But I was happy to support the festival and hoped it would continue to grow.

Last year there was a show in summer called Milwaukee Massacre- complete with Zombie Walk. I wanted to go but my funds were limited- and I thought I'd save my money for the next 'Lake Michigan' show. Also the MM show was partly focused on music- so I hoped it would come back again. But- the Lake Michigan show never happened. Sniff.

Today I decided to look up the MM website to see if there was any news about this year's show- or if there would even be another one.

And lookie what I found:

It's.......................ZOMBIE CON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much info there yet but I'm hopeful ..............
I'll keep you posted.

Doing the Zombie Happy Dance,
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

Let me know, I want to go to another one. Although I worry it wont live up to my first experience.

Mother Firefly said...

Well - while it's true that I think not many cons live up to Cinema Wasteland - based on my own limited experience and also what I hear from other people across the country on the advantage to coming here is that you don't have to get a hotel or spend money on food. Also you finally get to visit me, I'll even take you to see that stupid ass bronze Fonz if you want. Mrs. C stopped in this week to bring him a scarf for the winter, no shit, god I wish I was joking.

Anyway......I wish I would have made it to the MM show to see how that one was....for me Lake Michigan lacked because there were very few vendors and virtually no 'celebrities' for me to get excited about. But there were a lot of films and workshops- which I didn't attend- I think it was more geared towards people who wanted information about film making. this new one has at least Tom Savini right now; hopefully it will get bigger and become something to really get excited about.