Sunday, March 22, 2009


Saw a few films on my week off- not as many as I'd hoped, but that's pretty much always the way. I did manage to see a couple of great ones and that helped take the sting off Godmonster....although I can't look at that post now and see that last picture at the end without that Goddamn song popping in my head...shakeitoff..shakeitoff....brhrhrrh!

My brother recommended this a while ago and I'd been waiting to see it. I already anticipated a good movie but it was even better than I thought it would be. I love when I'm completely entertained from the first scene to the last. I never thought any of the scenes were too long or did I check the DVD counter, not once. And THAT is pretty much a rave review, coming from me. I'm a fidgety girl!

Turns out the part about choking to get love/money/attention from strangers was actually kind of sweet....and barely featured in the movie. But no matter- we have great acting, a story about friendship, and the Wonderful, Brilliant, and Still Gorgeous Angelica Huston. This woman can do no wrong in my eyes. I just adore her. She is one of the few actresses her age who has not had her face pulled, botoxed or otherwise rendered immobile or she can actually still ACT with it. Go ahead and check it out, then go watch those ho's on Desperate Housewives or somewhere where the plastic surgery quotient is high. See the difference. Be Amazed.

Note: Did you notice the 'best friend' in this film just turned up as one of the new castaways on Lost? Blink and you'll miss him on last week's ep, but he's there.

Let the Right One In
Wow did I heart the Sh*t out of this movie. Anticipated this one FOREVER too. It's a Swedish film about a little girl who just happens to be a vampire and her friendship with a little boy who happens to be the whipping post/bitch of his school and its bullies.
One thing that I think is really neat about this movie is that I think you can enjoy it on a few different levels and get totally different things out of it and still love it. For instance, I watched it with Papa Cash, who had read about it (it made a few critics' best film lists for last year) and wanted to see it also. Turned out at the end, we pretty much got entirely different things out of it and saw the movie in two completely different ways- and we both still LOVED it. So go figure.

He saw it as a movie about a friendship/love story between two kids who are both 'misfits' in their own way....I saw it from a more tragic/twisted 'The Hunger' point of view where this ancient immortal creature must continually ensure things are in place for her survival...namely food and 'protection' in the form of a devoted human to look after her. Add in there an elderly protector whose game is starting to falter- and I saw it as a tragic, romantic, cycle that must repeat (and probably has been repeating for centuries). But I don't think it will matter which point of view you take- and who knows, you may have a totally different one-if you love film and especially if you're ready for a whole new take on vampire films, this is one you have to check out.

Confessions of a Shopaholic:
It was St. Patrick's day. It was BEAUTIFUL spring weather. We went out to lunch- Indian- delicious. Why not go to a movie, and enjoy the last few weeks of my year of free movies? We had three choices - this, He's Just Not That Into You and The Reader. Wanted something 'light' so that eliminated Reader. Saw this over the other because Entertainment Weekly gave this an A- and that a C.

Bottom line- I thought Isla Fisher was great in Wedding Crashers but I didn't think she had much to do in this. It was predictable, not horrible, and just okay. If it shows up on a flight you're on, pay the five bucks, get the headphones, watch it. If if you want something light and meaningless, you could do worse.

I'm Not There:
Neither was I because I actually turned on my computer and played Peggle Nights after about twenty minutes of this baloney. Pffffffffffffffffft!

And one more note- I'm currently working on creating a new blog with my brother, called Old Spooky House. It will be dedicated to our mutual love of the paranormal and of course the Ghosthunters. So if you wonder why I'm not blogging about Season Five, it's because I'm spreading the J and G love over there. Check it out!

Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I didn't read your review of let the right one in. because i hadn't seen it yet. I did download it but unfortunately I didn't get the English dubbed audio.

I will post back when i get it.

Mother Firefly said...

Good idea. I'd rather hear what you think of it before you read anything about it.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Let the Right One In was awesome, perfect movie. My only suggestion is do subtitles, not dubbed. I did post on my blog about it. Everyone should see this, well everyone who appreciates a film and not a movie. lol, I have to laugh at that because I tried to explain to a friend that I believe there is a difference in a film and a movie.

Mother Firefly said...

I was a little disappointed that it was dubbed as well, I would have also preferred subtitles.

but did you notice - I think that they may have filmed the movie w/out sound to purposely dub it later- very few scenes showed a closeup of the person's mouth moving when they talked. Many of Argento's movies are like this, they were filmed to be dubbed in later.

This was a film (over being a movie) -it's one I'll end up buying- watch it again and again and probably always get something new out of it. And I don't think you need to see anything deeper than the surface to enjoy it either, it works on a lot of levels.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

lol, are you saying my love story is just skimming the surface? there was a lot to this movie, I too cant wait to buy it and watch again.

Jumbo's Lezis said...


Jumbo's Lezis said...

i found the deleted scenes and put them on my post

Mother Firefly said...

LOL no I didn't mean you were skimming the surface, I meant that if someone watched it in GENERAL, you could just enjoy it on the surface. go read my response to your review on yer blog, brotha! (In my best Desmond voice)

speakin of which, where the HELLS has he been lately?

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Desmond moved his sexy ass off the island, lol, no idea. I am confused too, where did Faraday go? He went to the village a few seasons ago because he saw the red head as a little girl. When saywer picked up doc, freckles and hugo he told them faraday was gone. did he get on the sub? wtf did i miss

Mother Firefly said...

I caught that too. I think they will explain later, they probably just tossed that out to tease us.

I watched that whole fake 'Sayid is my prisoner' thing last week with Sawyer and Sayid doing the whole 'Jedi mind reading' thing. When the other Dharma dude was saying Lets kill him, I was all, OOOOH, you don't know who you're messing with, My Mr. Yum Yum can break your neck with his FEET. Whooooooo!!!!

Oh yeah Striped PJ's is on my list. Got Planet Earth on Blu-Ray today, disc 1.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Its a blog battle biatch!!!!

Lol, Striped Pj's sounds like a movie that might have let me sleep that night, lol

The ending tonight was CRAZYY!!!!! Wouldnt that change everything?

I posted to your post that you posted to on my post, got it?

Mother Firefly said...

LOL, now I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. It's at the top of my list but has a long wait. But I moved it up.

Are you talking about Lost? I watch it online, it won't be up till tomorrow.

I posted to your post of the post and I raise you a post! Whoo!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

OK, sucka, I just posted to your post about a post that I posted about, to the third power!!!!

I was talking about Lost and what happened tonight, I suggest you get in your time machine and zoom to tomorrow so you can watch it, or you could zoom back and watch it live, but then would it really be live if you went back to watch it? hmmmmm. I am posting about a Lost book I read.

Mother Firefly said...

whoa, DUDE. My head hurts from the third power ya just socked at me.

Like that medieval torture noise on Lost when they moved in time- I always have to take out my head phones when that sound comes on.

I am lucky enough to NOT have class tomorrow night, so I will be going through Taco Bell, grabbin' a snack, coming home and watching.

Jumbo's Lezis said...


Back to Vampires for a second. A poem called "Christabel" from 1797 is influencial on vampire fiction. it has a line within it:

"The lady sank, belike through pain,
And Christabel with might and main
Lifted her up, a weary weight,
Over the threshold of the gate :
Then the lady rose again,
And moved, as she were not in pain."

People believe this may be the spawn of the idea that vampires cannot entire a mortals home without permission.

here is the poem, havent read it yet.

Mother Firefly said...

Now that I think about vampire movies, It seems like this is the case in Salem's Lot....the little boy had to be let in first

can't even watch that right now, it freaks me the hell out

DEFINITELY don't let Damian see that one!!!!!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

creepy scene, dont remember the movie thuogh, gonna have to rent it.