Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just a short list of what I've seen lately:

Milk : A good film, well made, well acted.....I think it was an important film, and I'm glad someone made it. EXCELLENT, excellent work with 70's hair/makeup/clothes. All the same- Sean Penn did not break my heart the way Mickey Rourke did in The Wrestler. I'm still recovering from what he did to me in that movie. I'm glad I saw Milk, but The Wrestler I'll buy and watch over and over.....and let him break my heart all over again.I know it has f__k all to do with the movie, but how cute is that?????????????

Coraline: Missed the 3D version by ONE FREAKIN WEEK......thank you, stupid Jonas Brothers. Anyway, the 2D version is still wonderful....loved it. The place was filled with small children- who were talking and fidgety during the first hour - as one would suspect. Then the scary parts started. And suddenly all the talking and moving stopped. I saw several children sitting on their parents laps.
And then I realized how many nightmares were totally on their way that night.
Then I giggled.

How To Lose Friends and Alienate People :

Just before this semester started, I had two dreams.

Dream #1: Hot Sex With Antonio Banderas.
Apparently this whole dream had a backstory- I didn't actually dream it but in the dream, I'd apparently had a prior relationship with him where he cheated on me. In the dream we weren't back together- just getting together for sexy time.
I recall three very clear thoughts in that dream.
1. Damn, sex without commitment can be so much fun.
2. Again? Already?
3. I know he's a slut. I don't care.

Then two days later I had a dream I was engaged to Simon Pegg. (see, this does relate to the movie). He had a young female neighbor that had grown up next door to him and who always seemed to interrupt us at the most inopportune times. Well, in this dream, he had been out of town and I went to visit him. He took a shower and then this neighbor girl turned up. She was essentially harmless- it wasn't a sexual thing, she had just known him all of her life and was used to being able to walk in his house whenever she felt like it. Well, this particular day and time really rubbed me the wrong way, and I went OFF on this girl and told her to go home. As soon as I did it, I knew I'd fucked up...and then Simon Pegg and I got in a big fight and I ended up going home. I was at my apartment crying, sure my wedding was off, that he would never want me now, and kicking myself.
Then comes the knock at the door.
omg. It's Simon Pegg. With FLOWERS, no less. But I could tell he was still mad.
I started apologizing and he was saying that what I did was really not fair and completely mean to someone who didn't deserve it. And that I should apologize to her also.
In the end we got back together and he promised to talk to her about just walking in his house whenever she felt like it and I promised to be more understanding.
Yes, it was just that mushy.

I tell you about these dreams because they prove what I have believed for a long time.
When it comes to the sexy bad boys, go on and break yourself off a piece of that. But trouble is trouble is get it, love on it, let it go.

Sleep with the sexy.....but marry the funny.
Because sexy may fade - but funny lasts FOREVER.

Oh and watch the movie.

American Teen
I have been wanting to see this documentary for a while- it follows about five teenagers through their senior year at high school. The kids all fit some kind of stereotype - the jock, the popular girl, the get the picture. It's the documentary version of John Hughes movies. I love documentaries, and this was a good one. But what floored me was the girl who was 'the rebel' in the film......listening to her was like being in a damn time machine. Her thoughts about her town and how she felt different and wanted to escape could have been taken from my life when i was that age. It was eerie- even down to her pet rat and her dream of going to film school in California. (Although she actually went). As the movie went on, I started to joke to Papa Cash that she was my daughter that I never had, that I gave up for adoption. He thought that was amusing until we watched some extras when she started talking about wanting to make zombie movies.
Then even he had to say holy shit. I started counting back eighteen years to see if I ever blacked out for nine months at a time.
So all I have to say is this:
You go, Baby Girl! Mommy loves you.
-Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I still have to watch the first couple of films. I did watch American Teen and enjoyed it. The main chic, I thought was cute, until you ruined it by relating to her as your offspring, thanks Michele. I did look at her myspace and youtube page, she has changed a lot since school. I DO NOT believe that they are all friends now, no way in hell. Also, can an establishment and an adult get in trouble for serving a minor in a documentary? I couldn't believe they were showing that, but it made for TV. Also I had a hard time believing they aired the part of that chic's naked pics getting spread around and nothing came about it. They are charging kids with that shit now, even though I disagree its a crime as long as its done by two minors, the movie shows someone spreading the pictures who was never sent them in the first place. I know its a documentary, but I think it was bullshit what she did. Teens should be able to send their boobies across the great wide web anytime they want and not have to deal with ridicule.

Mother Firefly said...

Um.....not going to touch a lot of that comment with a 40 ft
I agree she got away with ALOT in that movie, she even did pornographic graffiti and barely got a slap on the wrist from her school, let alone get charged with a misdemeanor. At LEAST they could have made her clean it up. But that's what you get in small towns like that when you're the popular princess of the school. If the nerdy kid had done it, he'd have had community service and probably probation.
Sorry for the 'long lost daughter' joke, lol, it was just weird to hear almost the exact things come out of someone's mouth that I said (OMG) over TWENTY years ago. Okay, now everyone knows my (approximate) age.
And I don't believe they're all friends either. Nope.