Sunday, December 13, 2009

Final Girl Film Club: The Wicker Man

Gather around, everybody, because it's time for Final Girl Film Club and.....

The Wicker Man!!!!

No, not this piece of Monkey Crap:

But this classic film:
Yeah. This movie rocks.

If you've seen either version -The Good One or El Piece-io Crap-o, you know the basic story. Cop gets letter to investigate a missing girl on an island. Cop goes to island. Island is full of wonderfully weird people that confuse and irritate Cop. Is there a missing girl, really?? What are these people really doing on this island? And what's up with all the daggone rabbits, anyway???

Edward Woodward is fabulous as the investigator looking for the missing girl. This is a dude that takes his job seriously in spite of finding himself among people and customs that are completely foreign and sacrilegious to him.

The Wicker Man is possibly one of the first films (and still one of the only, sadly) to take any kind of pagan religion in a serious light and attempt to explain some of the ideas and attitudes behind it. Unfortunately, the end of the movie finds pagans doing the typical evil movie type 'stuff'', but on the other hand, you've got to give the filmmakers credit for not succumbing to Happy Ending Syndrome. (Even the remake of Wickerman (aka Nic Cage Needs To Pay His Mortgage) managed to avoid that particular pitfall).

Enough rambling. On with the List!!!

Things I Love about the Wicker Man:

1. Chocolate Bunnies!!

2. How suddenly the movie becomes a musical (and a naked musical at that)

3. Witchcraft via door knocking and humping!

4. Intense admiration of art as a way to resist previously mentioned door knocking and humping
5. Fiddling provided by Julian Lennon ;)
6. If I'd been able to shout out the phrase 'PHALLIC SYMBOL!!', I might not have been so bored in junior high:

7. Ingrid Pitt. The lady makes any movie like 10,000 percent better.

8. Christopher Lee rockin' his Neil Diamond hairdo:
9. Righteous Indignation provided by the great Edward Woodward (RIP):

10. Horny Puppets:

11. Chris Lee Rocks the Prince look:

12. Whee! I'm a cow!

13. Pagan Clown Beatings:

14. Chris Lee rocks the Cher look:
15. Screw Happy Endings!!!

Mother Firefly


Emily said...

After watching the making of, I totally fell in love with Ingrid Pitt. She's absolutely hysterical and very good-natured in her interviews.


Mother Firefly said...

Ingrid Pitt is all kinds of righteous. My only complaint about her is that she didn't make more movies!

(speaking of righteous - your blog ROCKS!)

She's also very good about answering email - you can contact her at

Me thinks we need an 'Ingrid Pitt Day' down here at the Mother Firefly Ranch.....with PHALLIC SYMBOLS included, of course!

Emily said...

Thanks for the kind words Mama Eff!

And I will certainly be looking up more on Ms. Pitt. I haven't seen nearly enough Hammer films, but I did also love her in the few that I caught back when Monsters HD (RIP) was airing marathons a few years back.

I look forward to celebrating your coverage of Phallic Symb--I mean, Ingrid Pitt Day!