Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Girl Film Club: Black Sabbath

One of Mama F's goals this year is to make it through ALL the Bava films we have here down at the Firefly Ranch. Thanks to some buy one, get one free online sale last year, I ended up both Bava Boxes. And they look great - sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

I've seen (and loved) two of the films already, Black Sunday, and the Final Girl Film Club selection for January, Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath is a trilogy of films that begins with an introduction and words of wisdom from my friend and yours, Boris Karloff:
My sentiments EXACTLY.

Our first shortie short is called, simply:
Which begins, not surprisingly, thusly:

I know, who saw that coming, right?

As you might anticipate, the calls keep coming and each one gets more threatening. Pretty soon our heroine is doing the only thing she can do:
Cry, smoke, and call a girlfriend:
Who agrees to come over (in a not so subtle smug way)

And then immediately hangs up only to call back:
Oh, for the days when you could disguise your voice by merely putting a handkerchief over the phone!

Psycho friend comes over and keeps up with the crazy talk:

It's the really GOOD friends that will come over in the middle of the night when you're being phone stalked and give you tranquilizers:

Psycho friend sits down in her PJs and writes a letter:

Letter Translated:
Hey Girl,
Guess What? It was ME making all those crazy calls that made you cry and chain smoke. I just PRETENDED to be a psychopath so you'd give a bitch a call and we could be BFFs again.
Don't be mad, K?
Yer HomeGirl

Oh, Irony.Turns out that Frank is really out and ready to kill some old girlfriends.And then our heroine stabs the bad guy. The End.
Um, okay.

On to Part Two:Where we learn that Wurdulak translated into English means:
er, Wurdalak.

Wurdulaks are really just another kind of vampire, but these vampires are especially fond of drinking blood from people they know and love.
The Wurdulak is probably the best story in the movie and the one filled with the creepiest visuals:

Boris Karloff, scary as he's ever been:
but he's not all bad - when he goes away on his travels, he always brings home souvenirs for his family:
Grandpappy, why are you all moldy and smell like cabbage?

Creepy little vampire kid bonus points of 10,000,000
And a bevy of creepy vamps to see you out with:
Lastly, we have:
Which is the story of what three years of nursing school did to poor Mama Firefly:KIDDING.
It's just a sweet, warmhearted story of what happens when you steal from dead people who are into the occult:

In a nutshell, it goes a little like this:

And BOO! (Cat included)

Personally, I think Walt Disney needs to make a ride out of this section of the movie PRONTO.

And Boris is there again at the end to impart more words of wisdom:
Thanks, Uncle Boris!
Anything else?

Will do, Uncle Boris.
Will do.
-Mother Firefly

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