Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Award Time!!!!!

The Kreativ Blogger award comes with a list of things to accomplish, some of which I've done, and a couple more that I'm going to do right now.

To begin with:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

I already did these, but just for the hell of it, I"ll do them again.

My award came from Emily at The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense.
If you aren't already, start reading it pronto, Tonto.
I mean it.
Her blog is all kinds of cool. She would also be on my list of the people to give it to, if she hadn't already had given it to me. Because she definitely fits in with my list of recipients, as you'll soon see.

4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

1. I kissed Wayne Newton.

Loyal readers will already know that I managed to get lip contact from Tom Atkins AND Joe Pilato in the same weekend last October. But what you didn't know is that my first celebrity lip lock happened several years ago in good old Flint, Michigan.

My mom (in addition to being responsible for my addiction to all things scary) is also a HUGE Wayne Newton fan. I've seen him perform th
ree times with her. On the last occasion, women were approaching the stage in droves to either give him flowers and/or kiss him. Now, this was many years ago, before we had all this germphobia and various flus, and the Big Fig Newton was planting his smackeroos directly on the lips. Oh yeah, you go, Big Wayne. (I'd bet five bucks that this practice has long since stopped)

So I thought, damn, what my mom needs is to go up there - because that would be like a dream come true, right? But despite my suggestions and begging, all she would do is sit and shake her head back and forth. I really thought that she just needed a little more cajoling and that if I stood up and started walking towards the stage, she'd follow.

Guess again. Once at the stage, I turned around to find myself not o
nly sans Mom, but with Big Wayne looming over me. Hey, when in Rome, you know? So I got my kiss and I also managed to ask him to say hi to my shy mom sitting in the audience.

He dedicated the next song to her.

2. My knees literally knocked the first time I met Ken Foree.

Did you know that was even possible? I thought it was just an expression for the first 30 years of my life.

Till I met Peter from Dawn of the Dead and had my picture taken with him, walked away, and almost hit the floor. It hasn't happened since - at any time - so I guess it took the power of the Foree to set it in motion. Shazam, Baby!!!

3. I'm a sucker for musicals.

Yes, in addition to loving the scary, I'm a huge mark for musical Broadway type theater. I've seen a lot of live theater since I moved to Milwaukee with some of my favorites being: Avenue Q, Spamalot, Rent, Pha
ntom of the Opera, and Lion King.

I like some movie musicals, but put on any live show with people singing and I'll probably want to be there.

Except for Chorus Line. Which sucks balls.

4. I can handle weird, intense smells.

I discovered this last summer during school when an instructor pointed out that the odor in the room was that of dead flesh. To which my reaction was, 'Huh. So that's what dead flesh smells like.'

On the other hand, I cannot tolerate snot or mucus in any form. Go ahead and decompose in front of me, but hawk a loogie on me and I'll get the dry heaves.

5. I love the playoffs.

I originally planned on writing this pos
t yesterday, but I watched football all day and night and then I passed out in my chair. Yeah. I live large, baby.

6. I like to do art.

My art life has largely been on hold for the last three years, but I'm getting back into it now. My media are graphite and watercolor, and I mainly do portraits. I used to teach portrait drawing, but I had to quit when it didn't fit into my schedule anymore. For the last six months I've mainly been work
ing on pet watercolor portraits.

7. I've seen all the Universal monster films on the big screen.

We used to have a kick ass theater in this town (actually, the theater still exists, but management has changed) and I had the opportunity to see the original Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and Creature of the Black Lagoon (in 3-D!), plus many of their sequels in a real live actual movie theater. I also saw many other classics such as King Kong, Nosferatu, Freaks, Night of the Living Dead, Phantom of the Opera, and House of Wax (also in 3-D).

I'd seen all those movies several times before that, but getting to see those on the big screen was an opportunity I may never get again. I'm sad to see the theater change focus, but they're still around, and hopefully one day they'll play some things like this again.

5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Since my award came from one of my favorite horror blogs that happens to also be written by a chick,
My list of 7 Kreativ Bloggers has a theme :

My Other Favorite Horror Blogs Written By the Ladies.

Because my little black heart has been emboldened since joining the blog community and finding all these other women that love the scary. (BTW, why aren't we taking over the planet, ladies???) You see, since I moved to Milwaukee 7 years ago, and away from my friends who also love spooky things, I've been kind of alone in my obsession with horror. So before I start my list, I'd just like to say a big THANKS to all of the women on my list (and the one who gave me the award). Here's to another great year of blogs filled with more macabre goodness.

1. Killer Kittens From Beyond the Grave

Kitty LeClaw was the first female horror blogger that I discovered, and she's still among my most favorites. She's got a great mix of horror reviews, horror comics, and the occasional biography. In the last year, I've discovered many other women that also love the scary (and rock a great blog), but to me, Kitty is the gold standard that I still aspire to.

2. Doo Wacka Doodles

Art so yummy and delicious I want to eat it for breakfast. Or maybe just frame it and worship it every day. Go, look, and drool.
Plus, she recently did a piece honoring The Vampire Lovers. Which of course, features my longtime love, Ingrid Pitt.
Lady, where are your prints for sale??? Do Want.

3. All Eyes and Ears

Wonderful photography by Dane along with song suggestions to complement the whole experience.

Fix yourself a nice beverage of your choosing, put your feet up, and enjoy.

4. Reanimated Rags

To quote from her site:
Originator and Custodian of First and Only Ever "Lifestyle and Undead-style Blog" in the History of Time. (She thinks)

I think she may be right. She's only been around since last September, but she sells vintage clothes on Etsy, models them dressed as a zombie, and thinks Boris Karloff is hot.
My kind of lady. Mama F says check her out.

5. Calvalcade of Perversions

Horror movies, cats, and wine. I have a hard time of thinking of three things I love more. Thankfully we have Jenn's blog that celebrates all three, and in a funky, fun to read style.
Plus, she blogged about Andy Milligan's films once. Neato!

6.Zombie Cupcake

You should already be in love with this blog based on the title alone.
You can go lots of places and read horror reviews, but Ms. Finlay has her own unique spin on things. Even if it's a film I've read twenty other reviews on, I always appreciate her perspective.
Also another Final Girl Film Clubber!

7. Project Blue

Last, but certainly not least. And it's also where I deviate from my list. Full disclosure - it's written by my brother. But since he's the one who's responsible for this blog -since he harassed me into starting it - he also paved the way for me to discover the great women on my list.

Back then, he was blogging more than me - but now the tides have turned. I'm hoping bestowing this award on him lights a fire under his you-know-what, so I can start reading his blog again.

In the meantime, check out his old posts and maybe leave him a nice note asking for more.

Mama F.

Wayne Newton's lips are pillowy soft, man.
No lie.


Jenn said...

Thanks, mama! I appreciate the kind words. And I ALMOST lip locked with Joe Pilato at a convention once; he was trying - I just wasn't drunk enough yet ;) Glad we have that in common!

Emily said...

I don't think I've ever said thank you to someone who once made out with Wayne Newton. Glad to add something new to my list!

Also, when I met Ken Foree at a convention, I shook his hand and I'm pretty sure he came thisclose to breaking a few bones. Dude is about two feet taller than me and has hands that could squeeze life from a coconut.

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks, ladies!
Here's to making out with more celebrities in 2010!

Ken Foree is one of the few stars of a zombie film that I'm fairly sure would hold his own against the undead. I'm totally Team Big Kenny all the way.

Jo Amelia Finlay said...

I am so flattered, thank you!

Also you listed me at no.6 - which happens to be a weird number obsession of mine, haha. Really thrilled :D

Reanimated Rags said...

Aww shucks... Sorry for the late response. I've been away from the blog for a second dealing with sick chil'ren. Now you make me wanna come back to it with much haste. What a thrill! Thank you very much.

Mother Firefly said...

You're both very welcome!

JAF: I'm glad I picked the right number for you!

RR: Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery.

Looking forward to more posts from the both of you!

And myself too, as soon as I learn how to better juggle work and my free time....

Jumbo's Lezis said...

First off I want to thank Jesus, he makes the best burrito's at Qdoba, and the kid who's picture I have as my avatar. I ran across your "I'm gonna clean my own mess up in the bathroom", portrait around 8 years ago and have ever since plagiarized it as my online persona. This honorary award means the world to me.

Mother Firefly said...

JL, your avatar photo is at once both disturbing and fascinating. I admit to have pored over it more than once, asking myself the question 'Just what the hell is going on here?'.

Sometimes the man appears to be doing a drunken dance, other times he appears to be giving some direction to someone out of the frame. Whether they are directions to the liquor store, the kitchen, or Qdoba's, the world may never know. And that mystery is what brings me back to the photo again and again. That, my friend and brother, is the essence of true art.

In other totally deserve the award, blood relation or not. Now go out there and write me some posts. Surely your children have seen more invisible bunny eared people, or said something funny, or you've watched some movies, or just want to bitch. Doesn't matter, your stories always entertain me, so - Get. To. It.

Always comfortable bossing you around,
Your Loving Sister.

Anonymous said...
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Mandy Ann said...

Sistah Firefly,
Please do learn how to juggle work and free time better. I miss reading your stuff. I need to laugh. Do want. Get yer shit together, girl. For my benefit.

Much Love,
I have cake in my car!!

Mother Firefly said...

Miss Mandy Ann,

As per usual, you are SO friggin' right.

Too much work and no horror movies makes Mama F cranky, whiny, and surly.

Plus, I cannot bear the thought of you at work with nothing fun to read. I have posted a new postie just for you. More soon to come. PROMISE.

Love, Mama F.

PS: Girl, I'ma come get that CAKE!