Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Perfect Movie

Mama is at the end of her rope. I really don't know what else to do.
After giving up not one, not two, but THREE weekends to this illness that's been plaguing me (more on that in another post)

Maybe what I need is A Perfect Movie. There are many movies that I love with all of my little black heart but few of them that I would label as Perfect.

The Omen is one of those movies. From the script to the acting to the rottweilers to the score to the nanny flapping in the breeze; for my money, you can't do much better than The Omen.

(Aannnnnnnnnd as a creepy aside, I was in the middle of typing when Miss Baylock came in the room and is all Jedi Mind Trick with, Yo, I'm the New Nanny, and No, You Don't Need to Check My References, Bitches.....and not once but TWICE while typing that last sentence I woke up under some kind of trance with about two sentences of type consisting of nothing but 'pppppppttttttttttttttttttt' or 'nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn')

Some Things I Love:

The montage sequence filled with one 'happy family' picutre after another. Any one of them in and of itself looks like nothing but shiny, happy people. Put them together with THAT music and whoa, hold on.

Lee Remick wears a blue turban to CHURCH. A Freaking Blue Turban. And she rocks the shit out of it.
The 'Look at me, Damian! It's all for you!' still remains, for me, one of the most bone chillingly frightening things I have ever seen on film.
When Monkeys Attack!

Freaky Shadows that Predict Death!

I feel the same way about going to church:

Until later, wish me back to a speedy recovery....

Mother Firefly


GirlMystery said...

The Omen is an excellent movie, didn't do much for the name Damien though. Whenever I meet someone by that name I can't help but think they're evil lol!

Anonymous said...
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Mother Firefly said...

Girl Mystery:
Hello to Brisbane, Australia! AWESOME title for a blog.....
Yes, the name Damien will forever be synonymous with those movies... in fact, my nephew is named Damien BECAUSE of the movies..but he's actually pretty sweet, in my opinion. But hey, he has time and since he shares at least some blood with me, (and he's got his dad, and I helped raise that one right) I'm sure some love of The Scary is there.
I don't know if he has mind control over Rottweilers, though. Hope so - that would ROCK.
Thanks for the comment! I'm your first follower!
-Mama F

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Unfortunately he does not. I watched this movie again last weekend and realized I did a lot of things wrong. I never bought him a three wheeler, need to get that taken care of. He also never caused serious damage to his mother, i am thinking we could go for a soon to be x wife, his mother isn't that bad. He still could be satans spawn

Mother Firefly said...

Maybe you can have him start working on the Lab - I would think they'd be a lot easier to mind control than a Rottweiler. Then graduate to the Devil Dogs, as Mom calls them.

You're right, we really missed out with the three wheeler.
He might have also started talking with an alternate personality ala The Shining (another movie w/a three wheeler).

He doesn't have to be Satan's Spawn, but it would be cool if he continued the love of The Scary... we need to ensure the tradition in the next generation of this family.