Sunday, August 15, 2010

Psychos In Love

When it comes to movies, most of us have that handful of films that we've watched a dozen times and quote from on a regular basis. Maybe we've even watched them so many times we can recite most of the dialogue along with the movie. (But please don't do this unless you're alone. Note to everyone: This is ANNOYING as F*CK, and nobody wants to hear you and the movie in stereo. NOBODY.)

When I was a kid, my favorite quotable movies among me and my friends were The Sure Thing, Weird Science, and The Big Chill. Not sure why a bunch of fifteen year olds were watching The Big Chill every weekend, but there you have it. In my old life, before nursing school, my co-worker Mandy used to quote Billy Madison to me on a regular basis. (She does a kick-ass Adam Sandler, too, btw. Buy her a margarita and a piece of cake and I'm sure she'll tell you why shampoo is better.) When I'm with my BFFs in Michigan, we like to talk about how we like being COVERED IN BEES.......

Well, I have another one of those quotable faves - except this movie I have nobody to quote it with - or, anyone who gets it if I do quote it.

This movie also eluded me for a very long time. All I had for most of the twenty three (!) years since it came out was a crappy dubbed VHS copy. Then one lucky Saturday I found a used VHS in the Monster Store. (I miss the Monster Store...anyone else in Milwaukee remember the Monster Store?) Then FINALLY a couple of years ago it finally made it to DVD, around the same time that another classic, Student Bodies, was released.

It was my Mom who recommended Psychos to me all those years ago, when she told me she'd just watched a weird movie about a serial killer who hated grapes. She said, and I quote, 'this is your kind of movie'.

She was right. I watched it, fell in love, and probably watched it every weekend during my senior year in high school. I quoted it, I can still quote it now (not that anyone really gives a crap) and I'm relieved that it didn't linger in VHS purgatory forever. (Which is the reason that I still cling to my VCR - I have too many of those films that still haven't made it to DVD)

So, we have Joe:
Who likes to kill random:

We have Kate:

Who likes to kill random:

They're just a couple of crazy psycho kids that meet and fall in love.....and, yes, they both hate grapes.

Not only do they support each other in their.....hobbies, they also team up a few times in order to strengthen their relationship and spend quality time together:

There's also a side story involving a plumber who likes to kill his customers, cut them up, take them home and make them for dinner:

In between all of this, there's lots of over the top blood, gore, and yes, plenty of boobies. There's also songs, some nekkid black-lit dancing, and plenty of jokes regarding the behind the scenes camera men:

Eventually, Joe and Kate's sink backs up - the result of putting one too many bodies down the garbage disposal - and they end up calling a plumber:

Who happens to be the other serial killer in town, and who wants to blackmail Joe and Kate into providing him dinner on a regular basis:

You'll just have to watch the movie to find out how the Psychos in Love handle this little conundrum.

Psychos In Love is probably not a movie for everyone. It's extremely silly and there are a couple of scenes that I even have to fast forward - although if you like naked women shining black light on their boobies, then you may not use the FF button as much as I do. But if you like other horror spoofs like Saturday the 14th, Student Bodies, or even the Scary Movies, you might want to check this one out.

-Mother Firefly


Natalie Schiavi said...

interesting post..i've never been a fan of horror movies, but i'll definitely give Psychos in Love a shot!

Mother Firefly said...

Awesome! Let me know what you think!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I remember Psychos in Love, which means I was 9 years old when I watched it. My son just turned 9 and I don't he would watch this, lol, nor would I subject him to it. What the hell kind of twisted child hood did I have. lol

Love the Izzard. He was in Michigan a couple years ago but no one wanted to put out $150 for tickets with me

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Not sure why my last post didn't come through.

I remember watching this movie when I was kid, so I must have been around 9. My son just turned 9 and I cant see him watching this. What kind of twisted child hood did I have, lol.

Love the Izzard. He was in Michigan a couple years ago but I couldnt find anyone to shell out 150$ with me for tickets.

Mother Firefly said...

I have the comments on 'moderated' now - due to the amount of junk posts I was having to delete. Now Blogger has the 'spam' feature which seems to be catching the majority of them. But since I suspect I caught a virus from one of the junk posts, everythin' goes thru Mama now.

I would have paid 150 to see the Izzard. I did see him once but I didn't pay that much.

And as for your twisted childhood, the answer is simple: You had me for a big sister. I took you to way too many movies you were way too young to see.

You're welcome!

Yer Twisted Sister

p.s. go write some more posts!