Thursday, August 26, 2010


I want to say a big THANK YOU  to everyone that's taken the time to post comments recently. I had a Huge Shit day at work today, I mean SHITTY, the kind of the last straw variety that makes you realize that it's really never going to get any better.  But at least it kicked my ass into gear to make some changes. They may be baby steps, but the plan is finally in motion.

Any day I get comments makes my day, but today they were especially appreciated and REALLY needed. I heart doing this blog, and I wish I was able to post more often. The time I do get to devote to it helps to keep me sane. I really do appreciate the time you take to read it and to give me your thoughts.

So in the spirit of trying to stay positive and pass on some good news, dig this:

Zombie Puppets. 
The Oriental Theater.


Just waiting on the forthcoming details.....

-Mother Firefly


The Halloween Blues said...

I know where you're coming from. Working on my blog is a great way to distress from the day's events.

And that's so awesome, I want to see that show!

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks, HB! Heart your blog, btw.

The Horror Blogging community is awesome. I've mostly been on my own here in Milwaukee with my love of The Scary. It's been great connecting with people who are into the same thing.

Zombie Puppets RULE.

I'm cheering them on towards their eventual world domination.

And not let me miss out on an opportunity to pimp their new DVD ...available through their website.

It rocks.

Billy Ray said...

Thanks again for all the kind words and support. I love that we have dedicated fans!

But I think we'll need some kind of guv'ment grant for World Domination...

We could invade Polish fest instead?

Sorry about the @#$%-y time at work. This aging society needs a LOT more nurses, and we really should be treating y'all better.($$$)

('specially since you'll prolly be one of the first ones et' in a Zombie Apocalypse - hazard pay?)

Billy Ray said...

Sorry about the @#$%-y time at work. That's prolly why I'm in Showbiz, and not medicine.

(That and the fact that Hospital staff will be the first ones et' when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse begins)

I'm not so sure about World Domination. We don't have that sort of money. Howzabout we just invade Polish Fest instead?

stay Angry!

Mother Firefly said...

I think you may be right when it comes to nurses that work in hospitals...but since I work in the community, I'd probably get stuck at a patient's home right about the time the dead came back to life - then have all kinds of adventures making my way across town, moving down zombies with my SUV.......Dang! Did I just write a zombie film?

Can't wait for the show!!!