Monday, September 13, 2010

And the Awards go to....

A few days ago I was fortunate enough to have the Zombie Rabbit award bestowed upon me.......a gift from the very lovely and talented Jinx.   I discovered her blog after she started following my blog, and I'm so glad she did. Not only is she another Foxy Female that loves The Scary, her blog rocks as well. AND she just got a kitten and gave it an awesome name, Bebe Gunns. Kittens everywhere with names like Bootsie and Fluffy are seething with jealousy.  So check out Totally Jinxed.  Tell her Mama sent ya.

As part of this awesome award, I need to pass it on to ten others.  So here goes:

The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense
   Dust off your trophy shelf, Emily, and make room for this one.  You rock, girl.

Zombie Cupcake
    Two of my favorite things. She doesn't post often but it's always worth a read when she does.

Angry Young Men, Ltd
   The home of the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show. THE GoTo place for all your news about zombie puppets.  If they don't deserve a Zombie Rabbit award for awesomeness, who does?

Cavalcade of Perversions
     Awesome name for an awesome blog. Jenn is all kinds of righteous.  Plus, she's a little under the weather right now - so go wish her well and check out her place.  You won't regret it.

The Halloween Blues
    Great source for all things Halloween.

Weird Hollow
    I Heart Weird Hollow. Posts tend to pick up around the Halloween season, so mark it now. Plus - Monster Head Races!!!! Go King Kong!!!

Project Blue
   He's my brother, I'm biased, so what?  After months of begging, he seems to be coming around to blogging again.

Strange Spanners
   Lazarus Lupin has one of the most unique blogs I've read. Among the horror movie reviews are art and thoughts of the day.  A favorite :  Demon at Lunch.

Halloween Addict
    HA makes me smile. Nuff said.

Wonderful Wonderblog
   I think Erick and I are from the same generation. He always seems to post things that I'd forgotten about from my childhood. Another participant from the Countdown to Halloween Blogfest.

And there you have it. Ten blogs I love that I'm passing the Zombie Rabbit fun onto.  Love him, give him a home, maybe don't feed him after midnight.

And thanks again, Jinx, if you hadn't already given it to me, you'd be at the top of my list. You rock, lady!


Jinx said...

Can't believe it took as long for me to find you as it did. You're the coolest, Mama!!

Erick said...

Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it. Can't wait for the Countdown to Halloween to start. \m/

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Sweet, I inherited an award through DNA. Seeing how my family works, one day I will find out I was adopted and have no brothers and sisters at all. Oh and I will find out on accident, like everyone sitting around eating and someone saying "remember when we adopted james". Speaking about me as if I am not at the table. I learn most about my family from random BS.

Viking Wolf Woman said...

Awww, Jinx, you're too good to me!

You're welcome, Erick. Looking forward to your Halloween posts! I'm going to have start soon and sock some away to cover me while I'm in Orlando next month.

DAMN! You ruined the surprise at the next family get together! LOL. All joking aside, you are SO right, if you WERE adopted, that is totally the way you'd find out. Blindsided and never see it coming. After all, what better way is there to divulge family secrets?
But I can reassure you that Mom was pregnant and then she came home with you. I was there, Dude -It HAPPENED. It was Christmas and we came home and unpacked our stuff and then found out we had to pack again to back to Grandma's to stay. My only concern was whether or not to pack the new underwear I'd just gotten for Christmas or take the old stuff. Hey, I was 9. Such were my priorities.
You were born back in the day when they still kept Moms and babies in the hospital for a week. Mom was in the hospital with you long enough to send us kids at home letters. LETTERS.
But - in the end, since I never actually SAW you born, you may end up smacked upside the head with some wacky story some day - like for instance, that Mom's baby actually died and some old priest just happened to have some orphaned baby that came from mysterious circumstances .....

Billy Ray said...

Thanks again for the Zombie Bunny A-ward!

Zombie Bunny.....HMMMmmmmmmm.....

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Would this explain my K9 senses?

Lazarus Lupin said...

Thank you again MotherFirefly. I'm working hard to pass it on. Here's my latest one I think is pretty decent. Give him a look!

Lazarus Lupin
art and review

Viking Wolf Woman said...

Billy Ray: OMG, zombie bunny puppets!!!

JL: Now you ruined NEXT year's yearly BBQ/Fishing Day surprise.

LL: I HEART Splotch Monsters! Thanks for the link!