Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm a day late with this, but I wanted to give a BIG Birthday Shout-Out to the person responsible for bringing yours truly into the world - that's right, I'm talking about...

Grandma Firefly.

I wanted to say Happy Birthday to the person who is almost single handedly responsible for making me the warped freak I am today. And I say that seriously and with all kinds of love.

My mother introduced me to many of her loves, like:

Lon Chaney, Jr.
This may be one of the first actors that I knew by name.  Along with Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and this dude:

Vincent Price:
All thanks to my mom. How many four year olds you know that can say that? 

Bad and possibly dangerous weather:

I can't help it, because of my mom, I get really happy (almost giddy) on overcast, windy days that feel like rain is a' comin. And when the skies get cloudy and black, I'm beside myself with joy. 

Incidentally, this is what I got my Mom for her birthday - the Elvis 75 box set with something like 17 films in it.  Happy Elvis Fights!!!!

Wayne Newton:
I also put this in the category with my love of cheesy things. For who else is the King of Cheese, I ask you?  I also won't rub it in how I tried to get her to kiss him by doing it myself and she refused. Nope, won't tell that story again.

Monkey Movies:


Someday I'll tell you about how my Mom used to work our ASSES off decorating her house for Halloween.  But it must not have been that bad, because it's still my favorite holiday. 

Unidenitfied Flying Objects:

Uh....Just kidding on that last one, lady.  I am eternally creeped out by the thought of little green men making contact. They can be up there in the sky, watching, just stay out of my business and I'll stay out of yours, kay?  I'm pretty sure she passed this one on to my younger brother.

There you are, lady.  I hope you had a FABULOUS day.  Thanks for making me all kinds of weird.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love You!
Mother Firefly


the wid0w said...

ahh who can argue with a love of vincent price, and storms :-)

hope the day went really well for her

Chris Regan said...

Nice to know I'm not the only person who knew the names of those very same horror actors from an early age!

Jinx said...

Happy birthday to Grandma Firefly! The lady sounds awesome, just like her little girl. Hope she had a great day.

harleygirl13 said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wish!!We did have our fun didn't we? You were my ally in so many things from the start. Being my first child I guess I didn't think twice about cuddleling up to watch scary movies with you.And I didn't think anything of you and your friends watching scary movies on sleepovers.Good old days huh? Now days parents would be calling me left and right.I wouldn't change a thing because you have turned out perfect in my eyes. I love that the monster movies still thrill you and your love for the old ones is still strong. Your love for gore has not diminshed at all. We did have some crazy Halloweens didn't we?? My gosh they lasted until you moved away. I love your movie blogs!!! It helps me feel close to you. And to this day we can crack each other up by just saying "did you hang up on me?" on the phone.(Some people will not get that one) I still love storms to this day(Florida has some whoopers! The lightning is unbelievable. I love sitting out by the pool and watching it amazing!!!) and I can never get enought of Elvis!!(thank you so much for my gift!) I don't believe there are any actors out there these days that thrill my heart like the ones you mentioned. You just knew if they were in it is was worth taking time off to watch(more than once in most cases)I watch them even now. Again I'm thrilled you give me some credit for your love of monsters, movies and making you a warped freak!!! I miss the times we had but the memories are forever! Again I thank you! Grandma Firefly XOXO

Jumbo's Lezis said...

It was mom's b-day? lol, I'm just fucking, well kind of. She did call me and gently remind me that I should say "Happy Birthday"

Mother Firefly said...

Thanks Chris, Jinx, and Wid0w for your Birthday Wishes for my Mom! You guys Rock :)
I forgot to mention that Grandma Firefly is also a biker babe - emphasis on the BABE part..... as many people will attest, my Moms still gots it.
You're more than welcome for the B-day wishes, Mom - I hope it was fantastic!

Lazarus Lupin said...

happy birthday!!