Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

The Firefly Ranch is in a STATE, my friends.  Boxes and things waiting to go in boxes....I've had The Last Exorcism here for the last week and I haven't watched it yet. I'm also trying to watch everything I put on the DVR in the last couple of months - which means I've been living on a steady stream of ghost hunting shows and Destination Truth playing in the background while I pack. 

Movers come next Tuesday, so Mama has her work cut out for her this weekend.......Here's hoping it goes smoothly and that night I'm kicking back in my new living room watching my first horror movie in my new home.......

Hmmm.....what I should watch first???

Mama will be getting back to business soon - I miss scary movies and I'm DYING to watch something, anything, even The Last Exorcism.

Till then -
Mother Firefly


Jinx said...

Good to hear an update. Hope the move goes well for you and that your new home is filled with happiness. Looking forward to hear about Mama's first new home scary movie night soon.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

If you watch Last Exorcism just shut it off about 10 minutes before the end. Then it almost becomes a really bad remake of an older film.

Emily said...

I LIKED The Last Exorcism!

Mother Firefly said...

Here's to the rest of the (delayed) move going smoothly! I can't wait to spread my scary stuff all over the damn place. Good taste be damned!

Thanks everyone for sticking with me and reading my sporadic posts....I really miss blogging and reading everyone else's blogs - soon this transition will be over and Mama can get back to the important things in life, like watching scary movies and reading my back log of horror magazines (also packed away for the moment).