Monday, January 17, 2011


Recently I had myself a lil  double feature with Machete and Black Dynamite. Cause I like my mens all rough and Grindhouse-y. It was the second time I've watched Black Dynamite but the first for Machete.

Why aren't more movies this much fun? Danny Trejo was awesome.  My mom saw him in downtown Milwaukee at the last big Harley fest. True story.

I almost started it over again as soon as I was done with it. Here's hoping for more Machete.

It appears my apartment search has paid off, and I've found a new place to live. I'm moving in two weeks, so I'm going to be pretty busy packing and moving and unpacking. Posts will probably be in short supply for the next month or so until I get moved and settled.

I'll be back as soon as I can.....until then take care, and remember,
Machete don't text.

Mother Firefly

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Lazarus Lupin said...

Glad things are looking up.

Machete is a fun film and does the impossible by nearly living up to its trailer!

Lazarus lupin
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