Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The New Daughter

I almost called this post Surprisingly, It Didn't Suck. Because if this movie had somehow wandered into my home with that horrible title and the even more horrible poster:

I mean, huh?  What exactly are we supposed to think this movie is about, anyway?

It makes me think 'Kevin Costner is PISSED as HELL and he's gonna take that gun and he's gonna.......he's......OH SHIT I HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST STUPIDEST MISLEADING POSTERS EVER'

Yeah, I said it. MOST STUPIDEST.

So, as I was saying, IF this movie had just walked into my house wearing that dumbass poster, I'd have buried it under a pile of Tom Hanks movies, where I'd be sure never to find it again, because God knows I'm not going to picking any of THOSE up to watch them anytime soon. Of course, I don't actually own any Tom Hanks movies, so my threats are probably pretty empty.


The reason this movie ended up in my house was because I happened to read a review that said this movie was much better than the reviewer had anticipated. (Sorry, can't recall where that was.....) After that, I added it to my list, somehow (by the power of Kevin Costner?) it managed to crawl to the top, and then, bingo oingo boingo, it ended up here.

And the first third was pretty good, and then a bit of CGI madness managed to crawl its way across the screen.  So I thought, well, okay, it was a good thirty minutes or so, maybe we'll have another good thirty minutes before the movie breaks down into a spiral of Extra Crispy Retardness.

But get this - not only did I NOT think the ending was retarded - I even thought it was CREEPY.

It may be that I am more easily spooked these days; or; it may be that this is the only new horror movie I've seen in WEEKS.  Or maybe it had something to do with being directed by Luis Berdejo, the writer of [Rec].

so let your Mama know what you thought.  Have you seen it, and it did you also think, Hey! That didn't actually suck! or, am I completely off base and it actually was terrible and I've just lost my marbles AND my good taste.

Until then,
Sleep Tight and Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite,
Mama F.


Emily said...

I put this on my queue after reading about it in Fangoria. Is this the one with the girl from Pan's Labyrinth? Seemed interesting, and now I'm a little more willing to bump it up my list.

Mother Firefly said...

Holy CRAP, that was her, wasn't it? Derp. I didn't recognize her at the time but now, thinking back, I do. She was really good in it, too. I'm not sure where I read the review of this. Definitely wasn't Fangoria, maybe Rue Morgue? Anyway, it's worth a watch, I think.

Emily said...

She was also great in an earlier Spanish film called A Christmas Tale. I heard an interview with her back when Pan's Labyrinth was out and was really struck by how intelligent she came across. An actress to definitely watch.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I too put it in my netflix after you mentioned it on the phone. I have always had a little something for Mr Costner, Fandango, Field of Dreams and Perfect World being my favorites. I was worried with this one that it would take time to interest me, but it didn't. I am still not sure I know what the hell it was, but I know I wouldn't have gone down the hole. I was a little bummed at the end, not of the movie, but the choice he made in it.

Off subject, but a big FUCK YEAH to Hank Moody returning Jan 9th. Californication.

How many man crushes can one have before you lose your hetero card?
Jason Statham
David Duchovny
Mark Walhberg
Kevin Costner

Am I safe with 4?

Mother Firefly said...

Emily, I'll look for Christmas Tale.

JL: I agree, it was good right from the start, and that's kind of why I thought it might spiral down into dumbness.

I saw that Californication is coming back. Yippee! I still need to finish season 3, though. I think I only have a couple episodes. I drive much of the day, as you know, and talk to myself quite frequently....I often find myself calling out stupid drivers saying 'mother fucker' ala Hank Moody style.

I think you are safe with 4 but I thought I remembered Josh Gates being on that list once....although I WILL fight you for him. I have figured out why I like him so much, in addition to being cute, he's like a real life Indiana Jones.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

damn, he was my closet crush. its out now

Mother Firefly said...

I see all - hee hee