Monday, September 8, 2008

A Glimpse of Things to Come

Well, I went to Big Lots and looked for Coffy and Foxy Brown....they had 3.00 DVDs but sadly, not these two.

So I put them on my Deep Discount DVD Wishlist (for 5.99) and I will wait for the next 20% off sale. Because I am a student.

But have no fear- I have found other cheap cinematic wonders to waste my upcoming free time with. Because, you know, I have so much of it.

Look what One Dollar and Thirty-One Cents can buy you. I know. You are jealous.

However hard it may be to believe, I actually did NOT go searching for a double feature DVD of Satan's Black Wedding and Criminally Insane. No.

What I did go looking for, however, was this precious gem.

Okay, what I REALLY wanted
was Crazy Fat Ethel Part One.
But YOU try finding an image
of that movie poster on Google.

Apparently, Crazy Fat Ethel was renamed 'Criminally Insane' at some point. From what I know about these films, Crazy Fat Ethel was probably a more appropriate title. but we shall find out. Oh yes, whaaaahahahahahaha, yes we shall.

This DVD that costs ONE DOLLAR AND THIRTY TWO I MEAN THIRTY ONE CENTS not ONLY comes with Fat Ethel I and Fat Ethel II, it also features Satan's Black Wedding. I know zero about this movie. I googled images from this cinematic masterpiece and came up with this:

If you are a movie :
1) From the 70's;
2) have the words 'Satan' and 'Wedding' in your title;
3) <---- this is what comes up when I google your images AND 4) You cost ONE DOLLAR AND THIRTY TWO CENTS
Then Oooh, holy mother of all bad movies,
Say no more, Sugar.
Just tell me who to make the check, ahem, I mean, tell me who to scrape the bottom of my purse out for.
AND I still get my sought after crazy fat lady on a killing spree movies.

Yes, you have permission to revel in my awesomeness now. Love and spare change,
Mother Firefly


Mandy Ann said...

You are one strange cat.
And I love you for it.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Your knowledge of movies goes way beyond me. I am holding out for Satan and Bar Mitzvah

Mother Firefly said...

Mandy Ann, I love that when I click on your blog all i get is a black screen and you with a pumpkin. Creeepy.
Now write some stuff so I can laugh.

Mother Firefly said...

JL, Thank you for worshiping my brain and the special 'horror movie incidental and useless knowledge' feature I was born with.
Or maybe I just know how to find cheap crap.
At any rate, I heart the bad movies. I hold them near and dear to my heart. I do appreciate good cinema and great acting, but nothing tickles the cobwebs of my little black heart more than a truly 'so bad it's good' horror film.
Oh, and I will be reviewing CFE when it comes my way.

BTW grasshopper:
You yourself possess much knowledge of movies and especially that of the zombie film and now literature, someday you will train the hordes with your extensive knowhow of expert zombie military maneuvers.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I pray daily for the zombie apacolypse

Mother Firefly said...

as do we all, my brother.
as do we all.