Friday, September 5, 2008

Vacayshon is Ovah

Yes, I'm back at school this week. Four graduate classes and a clinical two days a week. The clinical ends halfway through the semester so we can study for the NCLEX. I should be taking that in early December.

Four graduate
classes. After the last one ended today, my mantra became, 'Other students have done this....and I have seen them and they still have their sanity intact'. Most of the people in my program have elected to slow down and are taking one less class- which is definitely one of the more challenging classes we have. After today was over I kind of envied them- but I will envy them even less when I graduate a semester ahead of them.

But -the best news EVER came earlier in the week when I talked to my preceptor and found out I can wear street clothes to my clinical. No more stupid student nurse uniform.
Everyone say it with me:


Well, I'm done for the night. I need to get up early and run errands tomorrow.

I need to locate my new clinical and shop for some new clothes.....

And I've heard a rumor that one can find classics such as Foxy Brown and Coffy at Big Lots for the low low price of 3.99. If I'm so lucky as to find these Pam Grier classics, I'll do a review of Coffy-my favorite movie nurse of all time. You know you're dying for it.

-Mother Firefly


Mother Firefly said...
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harleygirl13 said...

Hi, Great news about the uniforms. Now if you can wear crocs. Ya HOOO. I heard of nurses wearing the enclosed ones. Something to check into.
It will be rough I am sure but you can do it. PS love you pictures in your blog!!!!

Mother Firefly said...

hey, you're finally able to post!! well, something must have worked.

I went today in casual clothes but i noticed they all wear scrubs. Scrubs are comfier anyway so I'm going to buy myself some to wear.

I'm hitting the Crocs outlet store in a couple weeks to get some new ones better suited to nursing care!