Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mother F Needs A Break

It's only week four of this term and I'm already burnt out! If my informal survey of the rest of the class is accurate, we're all burnt out. We've been going more than full time for the last year.....and I fer one am tired!

So I reviewed my clinical materials for tomorrow while a very uplifting and morale raising film played in the background.

did I mention it was morale raising?


Consider my morale raised AND uplifted.

Never fear my loves, I'll be back bloggin' again

Now hand me that pomegranate martini and move away from in front of my television.

Mother F has to focus and concentrate to make sure I get every LAST NUANCE out of this fine piece of film.

Love and tight t-shirts,
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

The Rock is a surprisingly good actor, I mean he had to contend with other wrestling actors. Hulk and his thunderlips role, Rowdy Rowdy Piper fighting aliens and um, stone cold. Yeah so the rock is good, I would consider him an actor.

Mother Firefly said...

I have to agree, I mean, Lord Knows he's some freaking HOT eye candy and all, but if you can't say your lines with at least some kind of sincerity even Mother F can't hold on for 90 minutes, I don't care how big your pecs are.

Which is another thing- I am not usually the type for the muscled man meat type of guy but something about Rock cannot be resisted. Think I'm kidding? Watch this movie, then you go and you just TRY to resist. Just try.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Oh, I know. I barely got through walking tall and dont even mention rundown. I almost wore the pause button off of the remote.

And go to your options and take the word verification off, i did mine, its just a pain in the ass

Mother Firefly said...


I fixed the word verification thing, didn't even realize I could do that.

Mandy Ann said...

Mmmmmm.... Mommy likey the Rock. I smell what he is cookin', fo shizzle.