Friday, October 3, 2008

My Favorite Month of the Year

Hello, friends, fans, and family! I am BACK.
I have been meaning to get back here
for a couple weeks- in fact,
I have a partly finished movie review
sitting in my unfinished blogs.

But nursing school and clinicals have taken priority every day, and I never seem to find the moment when I'm 'caught up' and have time to actually sit down and do something I enjoy, which is writing this blog.

I'm not even caught up as I write this- in fact, I was just sitting and staring at my list of all the fun and interesting projects that are needing my attention RIGHT THIS FRIGGIN' SECOND.

A little sample of all the things I COULD be doing right now:
-start my critique of a systematic review on the uses of honey and oncology care;
-write Part I of my paper on the role of an Advanced Practice Nurse in wound care;
-research glomerulornephritis - acute and chronic, causes and pathogenesis;
-fill out my NCLEX paperwork
-rehearse my part of a group powerpoint presentation on the Chronic Care Model and the role of an Advanced Practice Nurse;
-start on one of two other group presentations on nursing theory or interventions.
-read a bunch of articles and nursing texts for next week;
-or two or three other things that are escaping me right now
-Or I could just do this:

but I prefer this:
I took a shower, threw some chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and made a pomegranate martini.
Papa Cash is off at work tonight, so without his tallness I was forced to pull up a chair and climb up on the counter to retrieve my pomegranate martini mix and my vodka.
Yes, climbing on the kitchen counters for booze like an alcoholic four year old.

And what has happened in the last half hour of not thinking about nursing school or homework or other boring responsibilities is that my mind has CLEARED.
Yes, dearies, focus has returned!
And now I know what it is that I must do.

Now that October is here, it is my absolute duty to provide my friends and family a whole list of movies for this wonderful month.

In fact, I'm challenging myself to recommend a new movie each and every day.

That's 31 movies for your Halloween Viewing Pleasure.

And I'm already three days behind!!!!

Let's get started, shall we?

October 1:

I have a HUGE spot in my lil black heart that is reserved for Vincent Price. I've been watching him all my life. In fact- I don't ever remember NOT knowing who Vincent "Vinny the P' was. And I don't remember a time when seeing Vincent Price, even at his most evil, didn't make me feel all safe and warm inside.
It's hard for me to pick a favorite Vincent Price film because I love them all. But if I had to pick one that I always want to watch around Halloween, this one might be it.

Not only is it made by the great William Castle, it's creepy, well acted, a lot of fun and Vincent is charming and impossible to take your eyes off from even as he plots to kill his wife- right in front of her, of course.

I can't find an actual trailer, but I can find part 1-the first six minutes- of the movie. It's in the public domain, so you can either watch the rest of it on Youtube (which I sincerely hope you will NOT) or you can probably find this movie for sale for under five bucks. Or download it from a number of places online that have public domain movies.

October 2:
Last year I forgot it was Halloween. No joke. I was on the bus on my way to school (so I'd already been up a couple of hours) when I realized it was Halloween. And I went, huh, and went on with my day. This year someone must have wanted to remind me early since I got this little gem from one of my friends at MySpace, Herschell Gordon Lewis, along with a quote from him.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

HGL classics to air on Turner Movie Classics

From the Gorefather himself ...

"Proof that old schlock never dies:

Turner Classic Movies has sch
eduled both "Blood Feast" and "Two Thousand Maniacs" for late-night viewing on Halloween. Those who stay up past midnight deserve what they get. "

Friday, Oct. 31
http://www. tcm. com/schedule/month/

2:30 AM Blood Feast (1963) - An Egyptian priest uses human sacrifice to bring back his goddess. Cast: William Kerwin, Mal Arnold, Connie Mason. Dir: Herschell Gordon Lewis. C-67 mins,

3:45 AM Two Thousand Maniacs! (1964) - Travelers stumble on a Southern town out for revenge for losing the Civil War. Cast: William Kerwin, Connie Mason, Jeffrey Allen. Dir: Herschell Gordon Lewis.

C-87 mins,

Yippee! How cool to see HG Lewis make it to the horrorfest on Turner Classic Movies. check out the schedule, they've got a great lineup for Halloween and the day before.

since I already reviewed Two Thousand Maniacs, I'll just say a little bit about Bloodfeast and make that my pick for

October 2nd.

First of all, let's allow Joe Bob Briggs and Bill Kerwin to make the introduction:

And here is my favorite scene and a perfect example of why I love this movie so much

OMG. EGYPTIAN FEAST???.....( cue music ) It doesn't get more precious than that.

Now I'm one day behind.....look for Oct 3 and 4th tomorrow and that should catch us up!


Mandy Ann said...

Your busy schedule and list of things you "should be doing" frighten me. Is this what I am in store for? Crawling on counters for vodka and awaiting blog time? Please tell me it aint so.

Mother Firefly said...

LOL. You know what, it just occurred to me that my list of what I 'should' be doing is scarier than any list of movies I could come up with!
Maybe I should do 31 days of Homework? Haha, now THAT'D be scary.

All kidding aside- remember that I am in 'nursing school on steroids' as I recently heard someone refer to it. Sane people generally do not take four graduate classes and do 16 hours of clinical for eight weeks AND also try to prep for the NCLEX. You will be busy, to be sure, and you may find yourself crawling on the counters for vodka from time to time, but you will do it, girlfriend. And you will do a HELL of a job.
(then we will go places where we pay people to bring the vodka to us and bitch about working in healthcare. Cheers!)

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Rumor is the House on Haunted Hill referenced the design of the old crazy hospital / now Amazon World Headquarters. I cant verify its true, never seen the movie, but check my pictures