Monday, October 6, 2008

This One Goes Out to my Mummy

(10/14/2008 : I changed the embedded videos to links, they were starting automatically -until I know how to fix that, you can follow the links to the videos)

Well, hello dearhearts!

Today is a very special day- not only is it Day 6 of our Halloween Horror Marathon, but I am dedicating today's blog to my mother -otherwise known as harleygirl_13.

Today we are going back to my roots- waaaaaaay back in my early childhood years when a very special person entered my life by way of my mother and her love for classic horror films.

Let me introduce....the one......the only........

Sir Graves show ran from 1967 to 1980 and was broadcast out of Detroit. Every Saturday afternoon, Sir Graves showed classic horror films. He also had skits inbetween his movies and also showcased art that kids sent to him.

Sir Graves (along with my mom) was my introduction to the wonderful world of horror. I saw all the classics -Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein, and The Mummy- and all the sequels that came from them. I'm sure that Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., and Boris Karloff were the probably the first three actors I ever knew. I especially loved Lon Chaney Jr (I think my mom had a soft spot for him, but she'll have to confirm that) and I was especially scared of the Mummy. I could never watch when Dracula went for the bite but I also kind of felt bad for Frankenstein's monster when my mom explained to me that the monster was a victim of circumstance and was not really a bad guy- he just didn't understand that the pretty little girl wouldn't float like the flowers and all he really wanted was a friend. (to a preschooler! how awesome is that???) It must have stuck because to this day I collect Frankenstein monsters.

I also had an introduction to one of my longtime loves, Vincent Price, and also learned about Hammer films. I LOVED SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. Saturday afternoons with my mom made me the woman I am today. A woman who loves thunderstorms and overcast days, scary cheesy horror music, and who could not live without horror films in my life. Take away my scary movies- you may as well shoot me.

I was lucky enough to come across four montages of Sir Graves' work. VERY lucky considering that during the years of his show, VCRs were not exactly commonplace. And these are pretty good quality considering. For those of you who don't remember the show or really love TV horror hosts, you probably won't find these clips very interesting. But my mom will, hee hee.

Here's the first clip- I ask you to at least watch the first couple of minutes featuring SGG's famous laugh and intro. The intro was the same every week. THE SAME.
Listen to his instructions for enjoying the film he's about to lay on you.
My mom followed every one. EVERY ONE. IN ORDER.
That's dedication, people.

Sir Graves Video Clip 1

Watching that intro makes me a little misty.
Also, I just realized in the last year that Sir Graves played all the characters on his show. I never realized that, silly me.

Watch at least the first part in this second section- I have NEVER forgotten this little skit and have thought about it often. It seemed like a dream and I would have thought it was one if I hadn't seen it so many times when I was little.
I felt like I won the lottery when I finally got to see it again after all these years.

Sir Graves Video Clip 2

Watch this third part and FF to the 1:40 mark and see what used to scare the HOLY HELL out of me in my prekindergarten days. I literally would run from the room and hide. I do remember peeking to see if this messed up thing was still on the TV. Pretty sure this started the thrill of horror for me- the adrenaline rush and then the -I can't watch- but I have to- just a little- THE HORROR- and the high of pushing myself to watch something I was terrified of. Better than any drug, people.

Sir Graves Video Clip 3

Here's part 4- more clips and the ending of the show. Only recommended for die hard fans, which basically means me and my mom.

Sir Graves Video Clip 4

Ah, memories. I have never been interested in too much nostalgia for the past and I have lived my life according to a promise I made myself when I was a kid- that I would love every age I was at and never yearn for the past or to be younger. But I tell you- I might be willing to give up something pretty hefty to go back to just one Saturday afternoon cuddled up by 'the telly' with SGG and my mom and Lon Chaney Jr on the TV. If any of you invent a time machine, let me know. I might want to borrow it on some rainy Saturday afternoon.

On a sad side note, SGG, aka Lawson Deming, passed away a couple of years ago. My mom and I both went to his official fan website and signed the guestbook to be passed along to his family. He was as much a pivotal figure in my life as any teacher or relative I had in my early years. SGG, you'll ALWAYS be in my little black heart.

So- in light of my post and dedication, I'd like to recommend you see a good 'Mummy' movie today in tribute to MY mummy and her indirect role in creating this blog.

My mom's favorite- and also the first scary movie she saw- was
'The Mummy's Hand'

There's also: The Mummy's Tomb, The Mummy's Curse, and The Mummy's Ghost, all of which feature Lon Chaney, Jr. Which would also make Mom happy.

Or, if you just need a good laugh along with your dead Egyptian guy:
This one should do the job.

So, dearhearts, I will bid you good night......I have more homework that must be done before I am able to sleep.
I will be back tomorrow with more movie fun.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me.
Thanks, Mom, for making the memories possible.
And thanks, Sir Graves, for many, many scary movies. You were the best.

Mother Firefly


harleygirl13 said...

Thank-you my sweet wonderful Daughter. I enjoyed our Saturdays as much if not more than you. It didn't matter what I had to do on Saturday nothing would come in the way of us and Sir graves. Grandma use to tell me I was going to mess you up for life. Maybe I did. haha. I might have been as scared as you sometimes but you were there with me. I just thought of it as Mother and Daughter time. You are right the Mummys hand scared me to death. But I was hooked from then on. I would love to go back in time for a Saturday with you and Sir Graves(Lon Chaney Jr. would be icing on the cake) Don't change anything about yourself and your love of Horror.As you said it is better than any drug.Nothing better to get the heart a pumping than to curl up in a blanket and to scared to get up to pee. I never realized that you were so scared of the one thing but as I watched it tonight it is really weird.So Michele lets turn off the lights,pull down the shades,draw the curtains and cuddle up to the telly. I Love You,Mom

Jimmy Jazz said...

Hi, MF !!
Discovered your blog via a link from John Rozum's page. Don't know if you're aware of it, but your blog takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to load and there's a cacophony of sound while it does it's thing which, I assume, is not intentional.
Having waited patiently for it to finish (never been so grateful for my 'mute' button) I realised this must've all been down to those Google Video clips in the post from Monday 6th October, headed "This One Goes Out to my Mummy".
Basically, all 4 clips start playing at once while your blog is trying to load. This not only explains why E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G S-L-O-W-S D-O-W-N but also why there is such an awful din going on in the background.
Please try and fix this - maybe you can alter some preferences on Google Video to prevent autoplay to achieve that - but it could be putting many people off from what is otherwise a very enjoyable read.
Yours ghouly,


Mother Firefly said...

Harleygirl, (otherwise known as M-O-M), I don't even know what to say. If you did 'mess me up for life', well, then THANK YOU.
I'm glad you liked the post and your reply - that meant the world to me.
I love you too, Mom!

Mother Firefly said...

Hi JJ- I know the clips were a pain- they were annoying ME every time I loaded my blog. I had tried to change the settings but couldn't come up with anything. I had warned my friends through email but of course that didn't help you or anyone else very much.
So thanks for the feedback- I have now changed them to links until I discover how to fix this problem.
And thanks for the compliment! When I started this blog, I thought I'd be lucky if my family read it, let alone anyone else!
Hope you continue to enjoy....
Mother F