Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call??

And here we find ourselves on Day 10 of Halloween Madness.
Today we're going to go in a little different direction and take a break from movies.
Instead, I want to recommend a TV show that I never miss if I can help it.
(And as long as my brother reminds me the new season has started)

I personally guarantee that this is the BEST show on TV starring plumbers by day/ ghosthunters by night that you can find.

All kidding aside, I heart this show a lot. I have been watching horror movies for so many years, not much scares me anymore. But GH consistently makes me want to hide under the covers week after week. Even if they don't find anything, watching them creep around in the dark taking pictures and looking for ghosts makes me tingly all over. Or maybe that's just from watching Jason.

In addition to providing me with a good weekly dose of scares, another great thing about the show is that they DON'T always find something. How can this be a good thing, you ask? Because the GH team are great debunkers. They will look for any possible explanation to explain the phenomena people experience, and they just don't get all excited about any old orb showing up on their cameras. That little thing flying past the lens? Might be dust, might be a bug. Nope, you gotta IMPRESS these dudes if you want them to get all fired up.

Take, for instance, an investigation that aired last week. A woman wrote to them about her gentleman friend who had recently bought a house to renovate it, and was becoming more and more anxious and depressed the longer he lived there. He was also feeling paranoid, like he was always being watched, and had a sense of a 'heaviness' around him. So the team goes in, does their thing, and totally investigates the house. They find plenty- but nothing paranormal. They find that the guy has a huge collection of paint cans, thinners, and other chemicals filling a set of shelves - right next to his furnace- so it can pump out all kinds of fumes all over his home, mold accumulating in the basement, and an exposed electrical box shooting out crazy electrical energy- all these things can not only make you physically ill, but can cause things like anxiety, depression, lethargy, etc.

So sometimes you don't have visitors from beyond the grave- it's just paint cans piled up in your basement.

But when they do find things, holy cow. I always seem to end up watching this show with the cats after Papa Cash has went to work, and unless it's 'paint can in your basement' show, I always have to watch something to shake off the creeps.

And also, ladies, we have the added benefit of two fairly attractive men leading us around in the dark- Jason and Grant. I personally prefer the bald hard assed Jason, but both of them are easy on the eyes.

The show is on Wednesday nights and Sci-Fi usually shows a couple of older shows before the new one- so you can get THREE HOURS of Ghost Hunting Fun every week.

Here is their official website, TAPS

SciFi's Ghost Hunters Page

And on Hulu, you can watch highlights and whole episodes
but hurry-they don't keep the full episodes up forever

And coming on Halloween night- the Ghosthunters do a live 7 hour ghost hunt

Happy Haunting!
Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

Giving some credit to the GH boys, this is one of the best shows on. I get irritated that there are still ghost shows on with these people walking into houses and saying they sense the ghosts. During the day discovery channel plays these movies about people who lived in this super haunted houses, they are supposed to be real. I am talking full figured ghosts, flames shooting up and the entire house lifting off the ground. I think Jason and Grant should get in touch with these shows and head to those houses, I am curious just how false they are. I would also like to suggest the Toys R Us in California, suppose to be super haunted.

I would hate to see this show go and I would be equally mad to see Destination Truth go. Sci-Fi has been working their way up they food chain, even if they put out some of the craziest weekend movies.

Mother Firefly said...

That is a great idea, the toys R us in California. We should email them. Also a great place for them to do their Halloween all nighter.
The guys are great, even if they saw a full bodied apparition jump out, grab their nuts, and do the hokey pokey- if they didn't catch it on tape, they'd say it wasn't evidence and they could only count it as 'anecdotal' Which is kind of like nursing...if you didn't document it, it wasn't done.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I am going to try and use that philosophy at work, "I didnt do it, therefore it's not wrong"

Mother Firefly said...

Lol, well the nursing thing is not meant to be taken in quite that spirit, but hey, appropriate it however you like!

harleygirl13 said...

I have not seen this show but it seems like I need to check it out. I love this kind of stuff. I heard there was going to be a 24hr. live show in a cival war cemetery. It was interactive with alot of cameras so you could watch all angles in the cemetery and keep track if anything was seen. It was a week or so ago and I haven't heard if the saw anything.