Friday, October 31, 2008

Let's Scare Jessica To Death

Jessica is newly released from the mental hospital. She and her hubby (and a family friend of the male variety) are int he process of moving to a new home. Family transportation includes a hearse, and Jessica's favorite hobby is doing rubbings on gravestones.

So Jessica and her crew move into their new house, and everyone is happy and upbeat because Jessica's all better, and surely EVERYTHING IS GONNA BE OKAY NOW. Right? Sure it is. Because right away they find their new home comes with a mysterious woman who's been staying there. And since this is the 70's, they invite her to stay the night.

Then the whispery whispering starts. And it pretty much goes on throughout the whole show. It pretty much lets us know right away that Jessica is not maybe completely better since she keeps hearing her name whispered (among other endearments, some of which are not so endearing) everywhere she goes.

It doesn't take a college degree to figure out at this point that recent release from mental hospital + whispering + mysterious stranger + old creepy house in an small creepy town = something not good is gonna happen.

But why I like 'Jessica' so much is because it's just a total creepfest. It's a good, old fashioned scary (ghosts? vampires? maybe both) story that is just great fun and still manages to creep me out if I watch it alone late at night. I first saw this one day when I stayed home from school and it was the morning movie on the local tv station.

Scared the SHEEE-IT out of me. It's never been real easy to find. For years I only had a crappy copy of a VHS copy. The sound was horrible, and in order to hear all the 'whispery whispering', I had to crank the sound so loudly the tape gave off an awful hiss. Not fun. A couple of years ago it finally arrived on DVD and I ordered it right away- not my usual mode of 'watch and wait' for the lowest price but I didn't want to risk the chance of it going out of print.

If you are the type of person who likes the occasional scary film but yet needs character development and doesn't want gore, 'jessica' belongs on your must-see list.

One other thing I really enjoy about this movie is the lady who plays Jessica, Zohra Lampert. I think she does a great job of coming off natural and also a little fragile. She also seems very real, like she could have been any of my friend's moms from my childhood in the 70s. And that just makes it even more terrifying- if it can happen to Jessica- well, then, none of us are safe.


harleygirl13 said...

Again you have picked a great movie! This scared me so much. It was like just to real and creepy.

Mother Firefly said...

And I think it deserves to be much more well known than it is!!!!