Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Sunday Kind of Love

Back to my list.....
It's Sunday so I thought you might like some laughs along with your scares today.

I do like my horror to make me laugh intentionally as well as unintentionally. This is another one filled with good childhood memories for me.

I give you....
Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

I used to spend a lot of Saturday nights with my grandma, and every Sunday morning meant bacon and eggs and then Abbott and Costello on the Sunday morning movie. I'd always cross my fingers for this one, and I guess that the station didn't have a huge catalog of Abbott and Costello titles, because I saw this one ALOT. (along with Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, another great one.)

This is a beloved film for many people, and I'd be surprised if most of you have not seen it or at least heard of it. But it's Sunday and Sunday mornings make me think of Abbott and Costello. And bacon.
I'll keep this tradition and keep my Sunday picks on the lighter side for the rest of the month.
The bacon part is up to you, however.

Here's the trailer.

Here's a Youtube clip that happens to have one of my favorite moments in the film... it's not comedy but it's a keeper. This is actually three clips of so called 'bloopers' from the film- but watch for 'blooper' number two- I could give a rat's hinder about Dracula appearing in the mirror when maybe he shouldn't- focus instead on the chick Drac is putting the bite down on and LOOK AT THE EXPRESSION ON HER FACE.
That's bliss if I ever saw it.

Some other Halloween fun I discovered this weekend-
this blog (and many others) are having their own Halloween countdowns this month.
But I especially enjoy this one:

Here's a list of other blogs also participating.

Any of my readers out there who also have blogs- I encourage you to come up with your own Halloween goodness!

Mother Firefly
Happy Sunday


harleygirl13 said...

This is Great!!! I love this movie!I remember watching it with the kids alot. I love Halloween and watching scary movies is the best. thank-you for reminding me of some of the great ones to watch again. I'm looking forward to your blog everyday.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Whats the one with Don knots and the pig guy at the end? vague, yes

Mother Firefly said...

Not too vague for me....

The Private Eyes

I remember us kids and mom going to the movies to see that

John Rozum said...

Thank you for recommending my blog!

I've added you to the Halloween Countdown list.

Mother Firefly said...

I'm honored to be among such company!

I don't have much time to enjoy Halloween related activities this year, so your blog and others have been helping me meet my recommended daily dose of October Goodness!