Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Movie #3: Bubba Ho Tep

Bubba Ho Tep.
Bruce Campbell stars as Elvis. Seems that back in the 70's, Elvis got tired of being well, Elvis. He made a deal with an Elvis impersonator to switch so he could get a break. Unfortunately, during the time of the switch- the Elvis impersonator died. Since the real Elvis lost his copy of the contract they signed in a barbeque mishap, real Elvis had to continue to live his life as the Elvis impersonator.

Still with me? Yes, I swear this is a movie fit for Halloween.

Then one night while performing as an impersonator of himself, he falls off the stage and breaks his hip. We find Elvis in the present day stuck in a nasty nursing home telling everyone he's Elvis and the staff thinking he's just a crazy old man.

Oh, and down the hall lives Ossie Davis, who says he's JFK as well. He was altered to look African American and hidden away after the attempt on his life.

One night Elvis awakens to find a big old NASTY looking bug in his room...which he has to fight....oh and people are dying off at the nursing home...and both incidences are due to an ancient mummy who has taken up residence in a nearby swamp.

So Elvis and JFK combine forces to fight the mummy and save their fellow residents.

If that doesn't make you want to see this movie, nothing will.


Jumbo's Lezis said...

This is truly a great film, always worth watching

Mother Firefly said...

It REALLY is a great, well made and acted film. It sounds all kinds of fucked up- and just try explaining the plot out loud to someone-
Okay, so Elvis isn't REALLY dead...and JFK is now an African American...and there's this mummy...

So it's this conundrum of what sounds like a cheap dumb plot on paper but then a great movie came out of it.

Can you think of any others like that??

harleygirl13 said...

I loved this movie. I have it and love to watch it over and over. The acting was good and the story line great.