Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Nursing school. The first semester kicked my ass. I never EVER cried over an assignment until that first semester. When the second semester started, I felt better - not great-but better.

There was, however, that first day of clinical when I was in my stupid white nursing uniform and actually thought (I kid you not) maybe I'll get hit by a bus before next Friday comes and I'll be dead and I won't have to come back here.

But as you have probably surmised, I did not get hit by a bus, I did go back, and I survived. For the most part, I have learned to live with the stress, the constant homework, and the lack of time to do most things I enjoy. Like the freedom to nap on the couch without a to-do list and planner laying next to me.

But then it seems just when I am feeling good, like I can do this, I'm capable, and I can handle it- the powers that be always seem to throw me a curve ball.
This time it was a packet of papers in the mail- papers exactly like what we filled out a year ago before we started our first clinicals. Proof of recent physical, immunizations, background check, things you would expect.

The FIRST time they did this, they ended up sending us multiple forms that all asked for the same things but in different ways. So I went to the office (thinking that nursing students start clinicals EVERY semester and this is paperwork they collect CONSTANTLY and they'll know which ones I should take to the health center to get filled out.

Ha. Ha.

Nobody knew what I was talking about.
Nobody knew what paperwork I should have the health center fill out.
Nobody knew what would be acceptable as far as proof that I'd had my immunizations.
It was amazing for a nursing school that has been around for 30 years? 40 years? that I felt like I was the first nursing student they'd ever had.

Anyway.....cut to this week and this form letter with a list of things I need to provide before my graduate clinicals start. The same EXACT things I provided less than a year ago. Also with a note on the bottom to check with the office if you've been a student in the last TEN YEARS because they may have health info on file.

So, I'm thinking, well, sure they do. I just gave it to them and they need to have that available as I'M CURRENTLY IN A CLINICAL AS WE SPEAK and they need to be able to tell my clinical site, yes, she has her immunizations, and her TB test, etc.

Important information you would think that the people who run this office would know how to locate if asked to do so.

You would think.

I made the mistake of doing EXACTLY what the paperwork said and went to find out what they 'had on file' , thinking well, everything.

'I don't know', 'What letter', 'Who wrote it?' and 'Can I see it?'

Then they decided that yes, I had to turn it in again.
I had my health folder with me with all my proof of every time they stuck a needle in me. I told them they could make copies. Again. Which they did and then told me that they should get the originals.

Uh, sure, so you can take just as good of care of them as you did the FRIGGING COPIES I GAVE YOU LESS THAN A YEAR AGO.

I told them that they could keep the copies and that I wasn't giving up my originals.

I then went upstairs to write the person in charge that they also tried to get me to talk to, who they said wasn't in. I was so angry and and so frustrated that my first attempt was probably going to get me kicked out of nursing school, so I scrapped it. Went out and had a cigarette, calmed down- but ultimately decided that I wasn't ready to write this email and decided to call the health center and make appointments to get a new physical and TB test instead.

Later one of my colleagues tried a different approach after I related my story- and called the person we were referred to- who finally came to the conclusion that we only need to repeat the TB test because that needs to be updated once a year.


On to better news:

1) I am going to the Crocs! outlet store in just two days;


2) I heart my Neti Pot. I said I heart it. I have been successfully breathing out of my nose ever since I got it. After literally months of not being able to.
Another fun bonus is that I get headaches when the weather changes- especially in the spring-when we go from cool days to warm, sunny ones. We had two days like that in the last two weeks when it cooled down and then suddenly warmed back up. Headache all day. Until I did the NP. Headache instantly gone. and the last one I had taken ibuprofen earlier in the day which did nothing but dull it a little.
Go, Sinus Irrigation!


Mandy Ann said...

Isn't it amazing how dumb everyone else is? Every day I ponder how this can be.
1) How was the CROCS outlet???????? I need to know. I need details.

2) I am happy you found love in that weird little Genie looking pot thing. Do what you got to, sista.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

For me sis, a couple lines of coke clear the sinus right up. If it doesn't work right the first time, try it off a strippers ass, one named Lucile preferably.

Mother Firefly said...

Oh great, NOW you tell me after I just bought a pound of neti salt!